Stephanie Nolasco

Cocktail of the Week: Celebrating Apple Season

October is a fruitful month that offers many benefits for those who are still bummed over saying adios to summer. Colorful leaves paint the skies, we have an excuse to dress up as our favorite superhero, candy is sold in bodegas by the bucketfuls, and plump, juicy apples are ready to be picked. Whether you prefer this yummy natural dessert in dark ruby, sun kissed yellow, or golden green, autumn brings forth apple season and the best time to savor them is in October.
Top Apple Season Cocktail: Apple-Cran Toddy

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Cocktail of the Week: Smash Pumpkin

You may be wondering if you’re having a sudden flashback to a time when oversized flannel shirts were cool, Seattle was the place to be, and Kurt Cobain revolutionized an entire generation with the help of a deodorant for teenage girls. However, our cocktail of the week isn’t based on your favorite band, but one sip will surely make you want to rock out and celebrate the breezy season.

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Cocktail of the Week: Top Labor Day Drinks

Summer…is it over already? Back-to-school commercials are broadcasted non-stop, those hard-to-get bikinis are 70% off, and one glance at the calendar causes us to groan. However, why should we spend the entire Labor Day weekend mourning the last three months when we could instead throw rooftop bashes, posh soirees, beach fiestas, or just dance under the stars and begin making plans for summer 2010? Another idea is to lift our moods with some fruity, tropical-themed cocktails. Here are some ideas:

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