Sara Brady

Brazuca Ball
World Cup 2014: 9 Terms To Know

Haven't watched a game of futbol since the last World Cup? No worries. Before the games kick off in Brazil on June 12, brush up on your soccer knowledge and impress your friends with these nine terms:

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Lionel Messi for Argentina
World Cup 2014: 5 Teams To Watch

The 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil on June 12, and the world is abuzz with excitement about the international competition. In preparation for a month of fútbol, catch up on the five teams you should be watching: 

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Gerard Pique
World Cup 2014: 14 Hotties to Watch!

Sure, we watch the World Cup because it’s thrilling, but the sexy men in tight shirts don’t hurt, either. Make sure to stick around till the end of the match for these 14 jugadores—because that’s when the players strip off and trade jerseys.

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