Sandra Mariscal

Does This Really Work: At-Home Airbrush Tanning

I’ve never been a fan of salon tanning. Those tanning beds look like coffins to me and I’m not up for the strong UVA rays that they emit. For a summer glow, I usually opt for sunless tanners. A few weeks ago, a new one caught my interest because instead of the typical cream or oil application, it’s a spray-on system.

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Curly Qs: Retrospective

I love my curly hair now, although I wasn’t a fan of my locks growing up. My friends all had sleek straight hair and most of my family members have wavy hair. I felt awkward. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get a brush through my tight curls, while all the other girls could comb their hair during recess. More often than not, I ended up pulling it into a ponytail. But eventually, I found solace in music, novellas and films—not from the lyrics or the plots, but from the confident curly-haired Latinas I saw in the spotlight.

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Does This Really Work: Cream Deodorant

It can be tricky to find the right deodorant that will prevent odor and control sweating. I’ve tried several bars, but never a cream formula, which made me curious about Lavilin Hypo-Allergenic Underarm Deodorant Cream ($15, It was created by scientists who found that underarm and foot odor are caused by bacteria instead of sweat.

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Curly Qs: Non-drying Shampoo

As a girl with curly hair, I’ve tried tons of shampoos through the years that have left my locks dry as bone. To offset this, I’ve also found some shampoos that aren’t stripping and still get rid of product buildup. What shampoos do you like to use when you’re not co-washing? Here are my top picks:

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Does This Really Work: Teeth Whitener Without Peroxide

Some teeth whiteners can make teeth feel sensitive, especially if you use them too often. This has happened to me and it makes brushing painful—yikes, it’s not worth it. I’ve been using a far less painful alternative called IntelliWhite Pout & Polish ($20, created by celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Jennifer Jablow. This is the first teeth whitener without peroxide; instead it uses PVP, a polymer that is used to remove color from wine, and papaya enzyme to remove stains.

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Curly Qs: Dandruff vs. Buildup

There are several types of scalp issues, but dandruff and product buildup can be easily confused for one another since both can make you feel itchy. Dandruff is actually a form of eczema where dead skin cells are shed more often than normal. Product buildup is layers of residue on your scalp from using too many products. This can be common to chicas with curly hair since we don’t shampoo as often.

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