Roxanne Vivanco

Credit Cards
Why No Credit is Bad Credit

Growing up as a first generation American with Latin born parents, I didn't know what credit was until I got to college. My parents did not rely on credit and paid for everything they purchased in cash. They grew up in South America, where the knowledge of credit was limited and people were wary of credit cards. I remember my parents telling me that credit cards had high interest rates, high annual fees and only wealthy people were suitable to apply. They believed that no credit was good credit -- so that was all I knew.

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Beautiful House, Red Door and Shutters
Owning vs. Renting a Home: What’s Right For You?

There’s no denying that buying a home is one of the biggest milestones in your life, but can also be one of the most confusing if you don’t have the right tools to help. A recent TD Bank survey found that 66% of women intend to buy a home and 84% of young renters intend to buy a home. Buying a home isn’t for everyone and it’s important to know the benefits of owning a home vs. renting in order to determine what’s right for you. Here are a few things to consider when deciding to take the step to homeownership.

Reasons to Rent:

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Piggy Bank
Personal Finance Isn’t Scary -- Learning Your Money ABC’s

Being informed about your finances is the key to a healthy bank account, but with all the money-related terms out there, talking about it can sometimes feel like a foreign language. Here are a few important tips to learn the lingo on the steps to personal finance success, starting with just A, B, C.

A is for: Assess Your Net Worth

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