Raquel Reichard

Va-Va-Bullshit: How Latina 'Sexy' Stereotypes Affect Asexual Latinas
Va-Va-Bullshit: How Latina 'Spicy & Sexy' Stereotypes Affect Asexual Latinas

It’s no surprise that in the U.S. landscape, Latinas are still seen as hot, hypersexual women with copious fertility and uncontrolled reproduction. But these sexuality and reproduction myths and stereotypes mixed with real cultural pressures to be a mother can be harmful to asexual Latinas — individuals who experience very little sexual attraction to others, sometimes none at all.

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Gloria Anzaldua Borderlands
7 Lessons Gloria Anzaldúa’s ‘Borderlands’ Taught Us!

In August 1987, Chicana feminist Gloria Anzaldúa gifted Latinas with Borderlands / La Frontera: The New Mestiza‎, an autobiographical book with essays and poems that spoke directly to our intersecting, and sometimes clashing, identities and distinct lived experiences. This month, on its 27th anniversary, Borderlands can still teach Latinas some critical lessons. Take a look:

#1: Being a Latina means growing up between two cultures.

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10 Challenges Women Face in Latin America That Will Leave You Shocked
The Challenges These Women Face in Latin America Will Totally Shock You

Latin American women — like mujeres across the globe — face structural and everyday discrimination and violence. As their Northern hermanas, we should recognize their struggle, not because they are victims in need of our saving, but rather because their stories need to be heard and their fight supported.

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