Melissa Rodriguez

One Shape Fits All

Have you ever found a dress that looks gorgeous on the rack—or the lucky girl wearing it—but you just know that it wouldn't be quite right for your shape? Sadly, it happens all the time, but that's why it can be so exciting when you find one that's got universal body appeal.

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Nature Calls

There are always shoes traveling in and out of Latina's fashion closet, and whenever a particularly amazing pair comes in, we'll rave about it all day long. Recently, we received a sample pair of raffia platform sandals that, at a quick glance, I could have sworn had come straight from the runway—until I discovered that they were from Bakers!

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Make Heads Turn

You know those days when your outfit looks "blah" (or maybe you just feel that way)? Well, something as simple as a fashionable hair accessory can brighten up your ensemble just enough. This Tasha Serpentine Metal Headband ($48, will instantly make you look and feel like a goddess.

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Real Women Have Curves

Many women don’t like the word "curvy" because they think it’s a nice way of saying "fat," but I embrace my curves. I know it's a little cliche, but hey—if you have them, flaunt them!

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Gold Rush

Ever have one of those days when you feel especially sexy? When you want to wear an off-the-shoulder blouse and sweep your hair up into an semi-undone bun? Of course you do—all of us sexy ladies do!

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Relaxation Moda

Nothing says comfort like a hoodie. When I slip into one, I automatically get into relaxed mode. So when I saw this American Eagle 3/4-sleeved version for just $19.95 (, I had to have it! It even looks chic and fresh in this great Teaberry shade, which is nice because gray can sometimes make you feel slumpy and not-so-cute. Wear it with your boyfriend jeans, and you'll be smooth sailing on a weekend afternoon. Ahhh.

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Living on the Edge

We all have a dangerous side, don't we? Para mi, that means wearing a daring print that not many ladies would be bold enough to try. This Jaguar-Print Wrap Dress by Just Cavalli ($179 on sale from $595, not only feels sexy and just a bit dangerous, but it also lets everyone know you aren’t afraid to experiment. With clothes, that is. I say we all need a little animal print in our lives, and why not choose a rare one that'll make you stand out from the pack?

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Get Graphic

Making a big comeback this spring are black and white, mod-inspired prints (as seen in Latina's March trend story, "Mod Squad" on p. 32). I fell in love with all the looks, but unfortunately there was one skirt that didn't make it onto the page. Banana Republic's Geo-print tulip skirt is now on sale for $39.99 from $69 at, and it's a must-have for the coming season.

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Runway-Inspired Shoes, Minus the Pain

So as you know, Fashion Week is almost wrapping up here in New York City. And after days of trekking through back-to-back shows and presentations, I have to admit that my feet hurt! It's not just me, though; every editor I speak to is feeling the pain, not to mention the models who have to walk down the runway on stilt-like stilettos.

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Style Booster

Some girls have a certain je nes sais quoi about them, specifically when it comes to their style. You know the type—she's always wearing an outfit that looks effortless yet edgy, and all you want to do is have her raid your closet and help you play dress-up. Well I've found an item that will help even the least style-savvy chica pull off a casual-cool ensemble.

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