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Sweet Suenos
Sweet Sueños: How To Get Your Best Night's Sleep Ever

Design expert Martin Amado helps you get your best night's sleep ever!

1. Luxurious Bedding

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Create a Soothing Outdoor Escape

I love hearing the relaxing sound of water in an outdoor space. It’s a must in any design plan I come up with for a patio or backyard since it creates an environment that appeals to all our senses. Lucky for us, there are many options that easily allow us to bring a water feature into our outdoor retreat without breaking the bank.

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Add a Little Hollywood Glam with Fabulous Decorative Pillows

The Hollywood Glamour Style is a decorating trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years.  It combines classic lines with modern patterns and fabrics with lots of reflective surfaces and bold colors. 

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How To Create a Picture Perfect Gallery Wall

I’ve walked into many homes where photographs are displayed randomly on a table or on the walls. A lot of times, the photographs are in mismatched frames or out of scale with the size of the wall they are hung on. On the flip side—and even worse—is when precious family moments or memories of special trips are hidden away in an album, where no one can see them.

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Redo Your Room for Less than a $1,000!

When I first saw this living room, I have to admit I was scared. Almost everything needed to be replaced but I only had a $1,000 budget to take it from the oh-so-out-of style 80s to a contemporary, updated look. I was up to the challenge and believe me, it can be done.

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Design Detail: Whimsical Knobs

Ahoy, mates! I recently did a nautical-themed makeover for a boy’s bedroom and as I was shopping for the decorative accessories I came across a set of starfishes. Usually, when I'm shopping, I get the inspiration for projects for my television programs since I try to come with ideas of how to use an item in a completely different manner. As I looked at the starfish, it occurred to me that they could be turned into drawer pulls!  I’ll show you how to get the same look in this month’s Design Detail, where I highlight a quick DIY project on a budget.

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How Paint Can Make a Room Pop

Even though I’ve been working as a home stylist for a while now, I’m still amazed at how a room can transform in one day—literally. In most cases, it’s the same furniture I originally found in the space, but with a new paint color and accessories it can look so much better!

Check out the examples above. In the before photo (on the left), the tangerine walls did not complement the brown furniture. It clashed and made the room appear muddy even though the furniture was brand new.

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Black and White Equals Grown and Sexy

When we choose a color scheme for a room, black & white is probably not the first choice that comes to mind. It might sound too boring and plain. I actually wanted to dispel the myth by doing a bedroom makeover in these classic colors.

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Design Detail: Rug Tapestry

If you’re looking to add lots of visual interest on your wall, why not look to the floor?  I'm talking about area rugs! They come in so many patterns, textures and colors that it doesn't make sense to only walk on them. Once installed, they resemble wallpaper panels. Here is this month’s Design Detail, which is where I highlight a quick DIY project on a budget. 

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Working with Decals

Have you ever wanted to paint a mural or free-hand a design on your child’s bedroom wall? It can add a personalized touch to the décor, but many are afraid to do so because they feel they have to be artists.  Well, you no longer have to fear because wall decals are here!

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