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Real Latina TK
Real Latina Shows Off Her Best Top-Knot!

What can we say - we LOVE a top-knot! It’s an easy and super stylish way to get that Latina mane out of the way. So for this week’s edition of Latina Style Wars, we wanted to see your fave top-knot, sock bun, or not-so-casual messy updo.

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Kahlúa Café Con Leche Iced
Celebrate National Kahlúa Day with This Café Con Leche Iced!

There are so many National Food Holidays that sometimes it's hard to keep track. Don't worry, though, because we've got you covered! Today (Febraury 27th) is National Kahlúa Day!

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Wholly Guacamole's 7 Layers of Greatness
Easiest Ever 7-Layer Dip Appetizer for Your Oscars Party!

With the Academy Awards airing this Sunday, we know you'll need your snacks ready-to-eat from the start of red carpet coverage (what will they wear?!) until the closing commentary (will Alfonso Cuarón really take home the gold for Gravity?).

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Margarita Day Cocktails
22 Amazing Cocktails to Celebrate National Margarita Day!

Did you know that Saturday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day? That's right chicas - an ENTIRE day dedicated to our fave alcoholic bebida. Of course you're going to want to celebrate (especially since it falls on a Saturday this year, hey!). So we've got 22 (get it?) delicious suggestions for you to try out and get your celebratory buzz on!

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Latina Style Wars: Earrings
Real Latina Rocks Awesome Earrings!

Earrings are an easy way to elevate a simple look to a fabulous one. For this week’s edition of Latina Style Wars, we asked you to send us a photo of your favorite pair of dangly earrings.

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Latina Style Wars: VDay Beauty Look
Gorgeous Latina Flaunts a Flawless Valentine's Day Beauty Look!

Valentine's Day is finally here! Whether you have a date night planned con tu amor or have fun plans with friends, V-Day is also the perfect opportunity to experiment with fun new makeup looks. So for this week's edition of Latina Style Wars, we wanted to see your favorite Valentine's Day-inspired Beauty Look.

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Romantic Valentines Day Drinks
Salud! 14 Valentine's Day Cocktails For One Sexy Night

Romance está en el aire! This Valentine's Day, whether you're hanging out at home con tu amor or going out for a special night on the town, jazz up your night up with a pretty (and romantic) cocktail that'll have you feeling the love (and the buzz). We have some amazing suggestions for you!

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Real Latina Goes Red
Real Latina Goes Red In Honor of American Heart Month

It's American Heart Month! For this week's edition of Latina Style Wars, we wanted to honor el corazon, so we asked you to send us a photo showing us how you Go Red.

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The Best Winter Sangria Recipe!
The Best Winter Sangria Recipe!

Make this delicious Winter Sangria (yep, we said winter!) on Super Bowl Sunday, and trust us – all the chicos drinking their boring cervezas will be lining up to try this zesty, wintry take on traditional Sangria. You can decide if you want to share or not!

Keep in mind, though: this recipe makes two drinks. So if you are going to be sharing, there may be some math involved to arrive at the appropriate amount. But, hey, it’s worth it for Super Bowl Sunday, no?

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Latina Style Wars: Awards Season
Real Latina Shows Off Two Red Carpet-Worthy Looks

Ah, awards season! ‘Tis the time of year for our favorite celebs to walk the Red Carpet and we couldn't be more excited to see all of the glamorous looks. For for this week’s edition of Latina Style Wars, we were inspired and asked you to send us your favorite Red Carpet-worthy head-to-toe-look.

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