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The 10: Signs You're a Latina Mom
The 10: Signs You're a Latina Mom

In our new web series, The 10, up-and-coming comedic spark plug Ariana Rodriguez makes our collective bellies hurt when she dishes on our cultural nuances. Her first target: Latina moms.

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Ecuadorian Habits Americans Might Find Weird
6 Things Ecuadorians Do That Americans Might Find Weird

Ecuadorians are known for being nice people, but they also have their own quirks. Things that might seem normal to us Ecuatorianos might be a little strange to others. Check out six things we do that Americans might find weird:

MORE: 10 Things Dominicans Do That Americans Might Find Weird

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The Chit Chat: Hot Papi Search Winner, Does Size Matter?
The Chit Chat: Meet the Winner of Our Hot Papi Search!

Welcome to The Chit Chat (think The View with more sabor) where our panel of professional Latinas from various industries (comedian Jesenia, media personality Ivy, businesswoman Sasha, and cosmetologist Victoria) discuss everything from dating in a tech-obsessed world to Jay Z’s latest business venture.

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Jennifer Lopez Ryan Guzman February 2015 Cover Story
EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman Talk 'The Boy Next Door,' Sex Scenes & More!

This story, written and reported by Shirley J. Velasquez and Jesús Triviño Alarcón, originally appeared in the February 2015 issue of Latina magazine. 

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Underweight Health Problems
5 Risks Of Being Too Flaquita

By now, most people know the risks of being overweight and obese. However, many remain uninformed about the opposite side of the coin; being too thin can, in some cases, be just as dangerous. 
Being underweight (categorized roughly as anyone with a Body Mass Index under 20) can cause serious health issues — now and in the future. Here are five relatively unknown health risks of being too flaka

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Latinos Played Mexicans TV Movies
11 Latinos Who Have Played Mexicans On Screen

We can't help but be excited when we see Latinos playing Latino roles on television and in movies — even when we see Puerto Ricans playing Colombians or Cubans playing Dominicans. 

One nationality that is particularly present on screen? Mexicans. These Latino actors may not be Mexican, but they all played one on-screen: 

MORE: 12 Non-Latinos Who Played Latino Roles

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Latin America Spiritual Rituals
Spiritual Rituals From Across Latin America

Although many people perceive Latin America as a Catholic continent, countless other religions and spiritual traditions exist throughout South and Central America and the Caribbean. These religions possess some of the most fascinating ideas about God, deities, and more — and often, they have incredibly interesting rituals and ceremonies to accompany these beliefs. 

Take a minute to explore a few of the fascinating traditions from religions across Latin America:

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Meet The New Victoria's Secret Angels!
Meet the New Victoria's Secret Angels!

Victoria's Secret just announced 10 stunning new Angels for 2015 — and two breathtaking Latinas made the cut! See below for all the details on Lais RibeiroJasmine Tookes and the rest of the Angels: 
MORE: The 10 Sexiest Plus Size Models

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Baltimore Riots Michael Jackson Beat It Dance Video
Man Dances to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" Amidst Baltimore Riots

Amidst the rioting and destruction that has thrown Baltimore into a state of emergency, one man has decided to protest peacefully — through dance. 

WATCH: Mom Pulls Son From Baltimore Riots

In a video taken by NBC reporter Shomari Stone, one seriously talented protester named Dimitri Reeves dances it off to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson

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Latina Loves: Georgetown’s Cupcakes!
Latina Loves: Georgetown Cupcake Mother's Day Treats!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to show your mami how much you love her than with some sweets!

MORE: 7 Cupcake Recipes We're Crazy About

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