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21 Celebrities With the Most Gorgeous Bling!
22 Celebrities With the Most Gorgeous Bling!

When it comes to celebrity bling, putting a ring on it never looked this good! Check out 22 of the most gorgeous engagement and wedding rings below:

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The Best Dressed Celebs In Latin Grammy History
The Best Dressed Celebs In Latin Grammy History

It's no surprise that celebs go all out for the Latin Grammys, one of the biggest night's in Latin music. From flowy dresses to curve-hugging gowns, these Latina celebs know how just how to shine. Check out the most stunning looks in the history of the award show: 

PLUS: Ricky Martin Will Be Performing At The Latin Grammys Not Once But Twice

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The Craziest Outfits At the Latin Grammys So Far
The Craziest Outfits In Latin Grammys History – So Far

The Latin Grammys is always an award show where people show off their best and sometimes worst outfits. Check out the celebrities that have rocked the wackiest outfits so far; there might even be some repeat offenders: 

RELATED: The Highlights of the 2014 Latin Grammys

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TK Films to Watch With Your Family This Holiday Season!
13 Films to Watch With Your Family This Holiday Season!

Holidays are the best time to snuggle up by the fire with your family, throw in some popcorn and watch some of your favorite films. Here are 13 movies you need to watch with your loved ones during this holiday season:

RELATED: Latin American Christmas Traditions

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Watch: Behind The Scenes At The 2015 Victoria's Secret Show
WATCH: The Victoria's Secret Models Dish on Their Latina Icons Backstage at the Show

It's that time of the year again, when all the Angels gather together to strut their stuff down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway.

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Celebrity Candid Sex Quotes
14 Celebrities Get Real About Their Sex Lives

Celebrities get asked all kinds of questions — including Qs about their love lives and sex lives. Sometimes, they refuse to answer; other times, they give us some of the juiciest tidbits on sex-after-baby, multiple orgasms and making love on a plane: 

MORE: 7 Things To Try When The Sex Is Really, Really Bad

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8 Signs Your Man is Still in Love With His Ex
Could Your Man Still Be In Love With His Ex? Here's How to Know for Sure

By Joan Jerkovich for

Are you just a rebound?

Your first date was amazing ... until you find out they just got out of a long-term relationship. You're their first date after their breakup.

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20 Celebs & Their Pets (Warning: Adorable Pictures Inside)
22 Celebs & Their Pets (Warning: Adorable Pictures Inside)

We all love to share pictures with animals so it's no wonder that celebrities are no different. Here are some adorable photo of celebrities with their four-legged friends! 


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Latina’s Los Angeles Guide: Where to Drink, Eat, Sleep, and Play
Latina’s Guide to Los Angeles: Where to Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Play

When you want to soak in the sun and relax with a great drink and even better comida, LA is the place to be. We've rounded up local favorites, undiscovered gems, and a few mega must-sees for the ultimate travel list — prepare to hit the road.
RELATED: Latina's Guide to NYC — Where to Drink, Eat, Sleep, and Play

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