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Amazon International Launch Mexico
Amazon Makes Biggest International Launch Ever In Mexico

Hola, Mexico! Amazon officially launched its physical goods store in the country,, on Tuesday, according to a press release from the company. 

It is the company's largest international release ever, as the Spanish-language website will offer millions of unique items with selections growing daily. 

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Boxer Leslie Hernandez May Not Fight In The Olympics Because She's Undocumented
Boxer Leslie Hernandez May Not Fight In The Olympics Because She's Undocumented

Leslie Hernandez thought her dream had finally come true when Mexico asked her to join the 2016 Olympic national boxing team. 

But she encountered one huge problem. Hernandez, 17, had been living as an undocumented citizen in the United States since childhood, and she could not return to Mexico for training without risking a dangerous crossing to return to her home in Arizona.  

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How To Flatten Booty
5 Crazy Ways To Flatten Your Booty

Wish you had a perky booty like Jennifer Lopez? These 5 foolproof tips will keep your butt in fighting shape: 
MORE: 6 Crazy Ways To Get A Bigger Butt

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Concern Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner Wont Leave Presidential Post
Argentina Fears President Will Still Lead From Behind The Scenes, Despite End Of Term

In just a few months, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will leave her post after eight years as the leader of Argentina. However, a new piece in the New York Times suggests that Kirchner may try to continue to lead from behind the scenes. 

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43 Missing Mexican Students Parents Search Truth
Parents Of Mexico's 43 Missing Students Continue To Search For Answers

It's been nine months since 43 students disappeared in Guerrero, Mexico, but the parents of the missing continue to search for the truth. 

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The 10: Signs You're Probably a Latino Dad
The 10: Signs You're a Latino Dad

Everyone knows some of the traits of a Latino mami, but what about papi?

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Mexico Overtake Russia Worlds Top Economies
Mexico's Economy On The Road To Becoming One Of The Best In The World

Is Mexico set to become one of the world's greatest economies?

A new report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that Mexico will surpass Russia as one of the top 10 economies in the world by 2050. The report also showed that Indonesia will replace Italy in the top 10 list, Bloomberg reports

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22 Latina Celebrities Without Makeup!
24 Latina Celebrities Without Makeup!

Who needs makeup? Fresh faced and gorgeous, these stars show off their true beauty -- sans foundation, mascara, or blush!

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