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July 4th cocktails
6 Amazing Cocktails to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

Oh, America the beautiful! If you’re anything like us, 4th of July potlucks and BBQs have already been coordinated and you can’t wait for some fireworks to light up your sky! 

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5 Amazing Cachaça Cocktails to Celebrate the World Cup!

The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is well underway, and what better way to honor the host country than by drinking their signature spirit, cachaça! Like rum, cachaça is a spirit made from distilled sugarcane that comes in white and aged varieties. But don’t get it confused, these two sweet sips have completely different flavor profiles. 

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Niños Envueltos: Cabbage Rolls with Rice and Ground Meat Filling
Love Your Leftovers! 15 Latin Recipes to Try Tonight

Sure, mami always said you had to clear your plate, but leaving just a little bit for later is so much better! Sorry, mom.

We admit that taking home leftovers and eating them the next morning (or later that night) with an egg on top is the easiest way to love your leftovers, but why not make a completely different bonus meals out of the scraps you have left instead. And since the food is already cooked, your work is halfway done. Just add a couple ingredients and some creativity to really get your money’s worth.

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World Cup Food Face-Off
The Best World Cup Recipes From Our Favorite Countries!

The World Cup is here! Tensions are mounting and patriotism brewing as we cheer on the teams we’ve adopted as our own. Despite the screaming, the jumping, and the betting, it’s all in good fun...pero obviamente your team is the one to beat. In the spirit of “friendly” competition, we’ve compiled a little roster as well. We’ve selected a signature recipe for each of the Latin American countries battling it out on the field: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico,and Uruguay.

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Father's Day Gifts
8 Amazing Father's Day Gifts for the Foodie Papi

Sorry to say it, but the days of getting through Father’s Day by just making a macaroni picture frame are long gone for us. But don’t fret! We’ve uncovered one of the many secrets of 21st century men. You ready?

Real men cook.

It’s true! Whether it’s the allure of the open fire on the grill, the thrill of finding a darn good craft beer, or the simple pleasure of having a perfect cup of coffee without resorting to an overpriced espresso down the street, men nowadays really know their stuff (or at least think they do).

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Wines for Summer Grilling
The 10 Best Wines for Summer Grilling

You’re friend is hosting a BBQ. Great! So, you volunteer to take wine, the easiest possible thing to bring, right? Sure...until you get to the wine section. The staggering amount of bottles instantaneously erases what little knowledge you had about wine and you are left paralyzed and dumbfounded. So many questions! "Red or white? Umm...rose’? What is Syrah, again? What do the dates even mean?!"

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The 411 on The Best Paraguayan Dishes
The 411 on The Best Paraguayan Dishes

It’s Paraguayan Independence Day, which means lots of music and dancing and celebrating with family and friends... if you’re in Paraguay, that is. The unfortunate truth is that many Latinos and nearly all non-Latinos know little about this stunning South American neighbor to Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. That’s a shame because its culture – specifically its food culture – is vastly different from what you’d expect.

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10 Amazing Salsas for National Salsa Month!
15 Amazing Salsas for National Salsa Month!

It’s National Salsa Month! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up a collection of recipes that shows off the beloved sauce’s incredible diversity. Though recognized by many as a red dip or topping available in three degrees of spice – mild, medium, and hot – the truth about salsa is that it is a very nuanced dish. It can be zesty or fruity, chunky or smooth, light on heat or make-you-sweat spicy, and can be served on just about anything.

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10 Latin Spring Dishes
10 Latin Spring Dishes You Need to Make

How are your New Year's resolutions going? Oh, did you already forget about that promise you made to your waistline all those months ago? Who wouldn’t! This Easter gave us mouth-watering cookies, bizcochos and home-cooking, but now that we’ve found the eggs and polished off the last of the chocolate, it’s time to get back to business! Lucky for us, eating better doesn’t equate to eating flavorless rice cakes. 

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Easter Treats for Kids
3 Delicious Easter Treats to Make With Kids

Easter is a time for food, family, and friends. It’s also a fun holiday for kids, who wake up to gifts from the Easter bunny, don their Sunday best, and hunt for brightly colored Easter eggs and cascarones.

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