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Celeb Food Obsessions
6 Celebs Who Are Obsessed with Latin Food

We know your secret: you have a culinary Achilles' Heel. Don't be ashamed, everyone has one, a dish they can't ever give up. Sure you may try to play coy and keep away when you see it on the menu, but resistance is futile; you'll just end up indulging anyway.

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Peruvian Rice with Shrimp
15 Delish Recipes to Make For Peruvian Independence Day

It's Peruvian Independence Day, so we think it's time to really highlight some of Peru's amazing signature recipes. Beyond quinoa and potatoes, Peru boasts a bounty of veggies and seafood and a delicious tradition of farm-to-table foods.

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10 Latin BBQ Sides
10 Delicious Latin Side Dishes Perfect for Your BBQ Party!

At our BBQ partites this summer, the smell of garlic as it caramelizes on a searing churrasco make our mouths water. But what's a steak or hot dog without something extra special on the side? We know that the real showstoppers are side dishes. They're are filling, travel well, complement any protein, and have a flavor so addictive that they can stand alone, too. And as an added bonus, many sides can be made hours in advance--giving you time to actually enjoy yourself and spend time with your guests instead of being tied to the grill! 

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Meet the Press! 11 Awesome Recipes for Panini Makers
11 Awesome Latin Recipes for Panini Makers

We love the comforta and ease that Panini Makers bring into our lives. Sure, their name suggests that these counter-top contraptions are good for one thing, and one thing only, but that could not be further from the truth! The possibilities are endless, and we encourage you to take advantage of the summer’s easiest grilling with a simple Crab and Avocado Cakes or a traditional Cubano Sandwich.

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Argentinian Steak
25 Delicious Recipes for Argentinean Independence Day!

It's Argentina's Independence Day, and what an Independence Day it is! Though World Cup fever may – for now – generate more national pride than Independence Day, it's important to remember that it was on this day in 1816 that the Congress of Tucuman declared independence for the United Provinces of South America, a title that remains one of the legal names of the Argentine Republic. 

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July 4th cocktails
6 Amazing Cocktails to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

Oh, America the beautiful! If you’re anything like us, 4th of July potlucks and BBQs have already been coordinated and you can’t wait for some fireworks to light up your sky! 

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5 Amazing Cachaça Cocktails to Celebrate the World Cup!

The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is well underway, and what better way to honor the host country than by drinking their signature spirit, cachaça! Like rum, cachaça is a spirit made from distilled sugarcane that comes in white and aged varieties. But don’t get it confused, these two sweet sips have completely different flavor profiles. 

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Niños Envueltos: Cabbage Rolls with Rice and Ground Meat Filling
Love Your Leftovers! 15 Latin Recipes to Try Tonight

Sure, mami always said you had to clear your plate, but leaving just a little bit for later is so much better! Sorry, mom.

We admit that taking home leftovers and eating them the next morning (or later that night) with an egg on top is the easiest way to love your leftovers, but why not make a completely different bonus meals out of the scraps you have left instead. And since the food is already cooked, your work is halfway done. Just add a couple ingredients and some creativity to really get your money’s worth.

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World Cup Food Face-Off
The Best World Cup Recipes From Our Favorite Countries!

The World Cup is here! Tensions are mounting and patriotism brewing as we cheer on the teams we’ve adopted as our own. Despite the screaming, the jumping, and the betting, it’s all in good fun...pero obviamente your team is the one to beat. In the spirit of “friendly” competition, we’ve compiled a little roster as well. We’ve selected a signature recipe for each of the Latin American countries battling it out on the field: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico,and Uruguay.

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Father's Day Gifts
8 Amazing Father's Day Gifts for the Foodie Papi

Sorry to say it, but the days of getting through Father’s Day by just making a macaroni picture frame are long gone for us. But don’t fret! We’ve uncovered one of the many secrets of 21st century men. You ready?

Real men cook.

It’s true! Whether it’s the allure of the open fire on the grill, the thrill of finding a darn good craft beer, or the simple pleasure of having a perfect cup of coffee without resorting to an overpriced espresso down the street, men nowadays really know their stuff (or at least think they do).

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