Jesus Trivino

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jesus Trivino Alarcon began his professional journalism career at Vibe and has held editorial positions at Harris Publications,, and Additionally, he has written and reported for the NY Daily News, SLAM, The Source, XXL, Inked,,,, and many more. In his 14-year career he’s interviewed countless celebrities including Carmelo Anthony, Demi Lovato, Marc Anthony, Rosario Dawson, Willie Colón, Jay-Z, Nas, Jessica Alba, John Leguizamo, 50 Cent, Kanye West, among others. Today, as Latina’s Entertainment Director he’s constantly thinking WWJD—What Would Juanes Do? Follow me on Instagram @JesusTalks and Twitter @JesusTalkz
Favorite Latino fashionista: Carmelo Anthony
My first celebrity crush: Iris Chacon, Yuri
Something people don't know about me: At 11, I was working with my dad at a kosher butcher shop on Sundays. Child labor be damned! It instilled a work ethic in me that I still have to this day. Thanks, Pops. 
Guilty pop culture addiction: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bad Girls Club, Real World
Two words that describe Elvis Crespo: Jerk Chicken
If I met Jennifer Lopez, I would: take the 6 train to the Bronx. We’d find the nearest bodega and get quarter drinks and share a bag of salt & vinegar chips. Then I’d realize it was Jennifer Lopez who works at my doctor’s office.
Movie that makes me cry: A Better Life, Up
Celebrity I'd switch teams for: Juanes
Latino artist on my iPod right now: 3BallMTY
Favorite Interview with a Latino Celeb: Willie Colon
Favorite Latin dish: Sopa de Bola
Favorite Spanish-Language Song: “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor”—Juanes
Proudest Moment as a Latino: When I got the call to work at Latina. To be able to promote our culture and gente to the masses is incredible. Dale!

Exclusive: Ximena Sariñana on Touring with Juanes, ‘Game of Thrones,’ & Confidence
Exclusive: Ximena Sariñana on Touring with Juanes, ‘Game of Thrones,’ & Confidence

Ximena Sariñana isn’t one to be labeled but unfortunately, we’re in the business of words. How else would we be able to say she’s a Mexican pop singer/songwriter who’s creations make you think, live, dance, and even cry?

Okay, enough with the labels and we’ll have Sariñana tell us about her upcoming tour in support of her album, No Todo Lo Puedes Dar, her Game of Thrones obsession, and defining yourself by being yourself.

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Latina on the Street: Fashion Fails
Latina On the Street: The Most Epic Fashion Fails

In this week's edition of Latina On the Street, we asked New Yorkers about their worst fashion fails ever.

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Watch: Daddy Yankee’s Favorite Puerto Rican Slang Words
WATCH: Daddy Yankee Teaches Us His Favorite Puerto Rican Slang Words

If anyone knows Puerto Rican slang, it’s one of the reigning kings of Boricuas: Daddy Yankee.

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Listen: Tito Puente’s 8 Greatest Hits
LISTEN: Tito Puente’s 8 Greatest Hits

Tito Puente’s greatness cannot be measured. It’s impossible to quantify the artists he inspired and his overall influence on global pop culture. In celebration of the late King of Latin Music’s birthday, here are a few of his biggest hits:
MORE: The 50 Best Latin Singers of All Time!

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Latina on the Street: Misogyny at Coachella
Latina On the Street: Misogyny at Coachella

In this week's edition of Latina on the Street, we ask the public about a Coachella Festival attendee sporting a t-shirt that read, "Eat Sleep Rape Repeat."

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8 Reasons We’re Crowning Beyoncé an Honorary Latina
8 Reasons We’re Crowning Beyoncé an Honorary Latina

Beyoncé isn’t a bandwagon Latino lover, she’s been down with the brown since her childhood in Houston, Texas. Just ask her lil’ amigita, Barbara. Lets add a Latino jewel in Queen B’s crown.

Here are eight reasons Beyoncé’s barrio pass should be expedited right now:

MORE: 9 Reasons We're Crowning Diddy an Honorary Latino

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Exclusive: Lila Downs on New Album ‘Balas y Chocolate,’ Latino Pride & Being Socially Responsible
Exclusive: Lila Downs Talks ‘Balas y Chocolate’ & Being Socially Responsible

After a conversation with sociopolitical musician, Lila Downs, a few questions might roam in your mind: a) What am I doing with my life? b) Should I take a trip to my mother country and reconnect with my Latin roots? and c) Is her new album Balas y Chocolate a front runner for best Latin album of 2015? The first two queries are too life altering to attempt to answer but the last one is a quick, resounding “YES!”

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Latina on the Street: Are You Stressed?
Latina on the Street: Are You Stressed?

In this week's editon of Latina on the Street, we ask gente: what stresses you out?

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Watch: Are You Selena's Biggest Fan?
Latina On the Street: Are You Selena's Biggest Fan?

In our new series, Latina On the Streetwe ask the public questions on an assortment of topics: pop culture, beauty trends, political news, and more. This week we quizzed New Yorkers on the late great Selena Quintanilla.

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Listen: The Selena Soundboard
LISTEN: The Selena Soundboard

Selena Quintanilla will always hold a special place in our collective hearts. Her classic songs ("Bidi Bidi Bom Bom," "Como La Flor," "Amor Prohibido") were the soundtrack to our lives and continue to influence a generation of Latina singers.

MORE: 8 Reasons Selena is the Ultimate Icon

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