Jesus Trivino

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jesus Trivino Alarcon began his professional journalism career at Vibe and has held editorial positions at Harris Publications,, and Additionally, he has written and reported for the NY Daily News, SLAM, The Source, XXL, Inked,,,, and many more. In his 14-year career he’s interviewed countless celebrities including Carmelo Anthony, Demi Lovato, Marc Anthony, Rosario Dawson, Willie Colón, Jay-Z, Nas, Jessica Alba, John Leguizamo, 50 Cent, Kanye West, among others. Today, as Latina’s Entertainment Director he’s constantly thinking WWJD—What Would Juanes Do? Follow me on Instagram @JesusTalks and Twitter @JesusTalkz
Favorite Latino fashionista: Carmelo Anthony
My first celebrity crush: Iris Chacon, Yuri
Something people don't know about me: At 11, I was working with my dad at a kosher butcher shop on Sundays. Child labor be damned! It instilled a work ethic in me that I still have to this day. Thanks, Pops. 
Guilty pop culture addiction: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bad Girls Club, Real World
Two words that describe Elvis Crespo: Jerk Chicken
If I met Jennifer Lopez, I would: take the 6 train to the Bronx. We’d find the nearest bodega and get quarter drinks and share a bag of salt & vinegar chips. Then I’d realize it was Jennifer Lopez who works at my doctor’s office.
Movie that makes me cry: A Better Life, Up
Celebrity I'd switch teams for: Juanes
Latino artist on my iPod right now: 3BallMTY
Favorite Interview with a Latino Celeb: Willie Colon
Favorite Latin dish: Sopa de Bola
Favorite Spanish-Language Song: “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor”—Juanes
Proudest Moment as a Latino: When I got the call to work at Latina. To be able to promote our culture and gente to the masses is incredible. Dale!

Exclusive: Adore Delano Talks Chola Fashion, New Album & Drag Queen Myths
EXCLUSIVE: Adore Delano Talks 'After Party,' Chola Fashion & Drag Queen Myths

Adore Delano laughs a lot. It seems like she has a perpetual smile on her face. And why not? Her sophomore album, After Party, hit number 1 on iTunes’ dance charts five minutes post-debut, she’s about to go on tour on RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons, and she’s just enjoying everything and anything life throws in her face.

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This is what it's like going through life being named Jesus
WATCH: This is What It's Like Going Through Life as a Latino Named Jesus

Being named Jesus is a big cross to carry. Literally. You're named after the Son of God, the man, who according to Christianity, died for the sins of mankind. And it's safe to say that the largest demographic of men named Jesus are Latino.

In the video above a few Latinos talk about their experiences as men named after Jesus Christ. The stories are enlightening, and unfortunately plagued with discrimination. 

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Listen: The 10 Best Colombian Musicians Ever
Listen: The 10 Best Colombian Musicians Ever

Colombia is the unquestioned leader of South American music on the global stage. Thanks in part to international stars like Juanes and Shakira, the Andean nation has dominated the Latin charts and revolutionized each genre they’ve touched.

Listo, pues! Click on to see (and hear) the best Colombian musicians in the world.

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Exclusive: ‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ Cardi B Talks Threesomes, Strip Clubs & New Music
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Cardi B on Threesomes, Strip Clubs & New Music

Cardi B is easily the most entertaining personality to ever come from VH1’s reality series, Love & Hip Hop. She’s funny, sin pelos en la lengua explicit, and gives zero f**ks about it.

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Exclusive: Gabrielle Ruiz Talks ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ & Lin-Manuel Miranda
EXCLUSIVE: Gabrielle Ruiz Explains What It's Like to Deal With the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

To watch one episode of CW’s breakout hit Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is to get hooked. It’s not only the Golden Globe-winning performance by actress/co-creator Rachel Bloom, it’s the entire multicultural, talented cast.

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Exclusive: Rising Puerto Rican MC Audri Nix Talks New EP, Kanye West’s Meltdown
Exclusive: Rising Puerto Rican MC Audri Nix Talks New EP, Kanye West’s Meltdown

Puerto Rican artist Audri Nix is on the cusp of something big. Her new EP, El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1, is an ethereal blend of hip-hop, trance, trap, and undeniably boricua sounds. It’s not only a testament to her talent, it’s a bird’s eye view into the current climate on her island’s musical scene — it’s blossoming. The 21-year-old lets us in on that brand new ish.

MORE: The 10 Best Latina Rappers of All Time!

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Exclusive: Zoe Saldana, “I Needed To Be All Things Nina”
EXCLUSIVE: Zoe Saldana, “I Needed to Be All Things Nina”

Zoe Saldana is getting the ultimate shade on social media due to prosthetic-assisted portrayal of the late jazz singer, Nina Simone, in the biopic, Nina.

RELATED: Zoe Saldana's New Film Nina Receives Serious Backlash Following Poster Debut

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Genesis Rodriguez is Latina Magazine's April 2016 Cover Star!
Genesis Rodriguez is Latina Magazine's April 2016 Cover Star!

As the daughter of Latino superstar, El Puma, Génesis Rodríguez knows what fame is all about. And now, with a taste of Oscar glory in the Academy Award-Wining Animated Film, Big Hero 6, she’s searing her path to major stardom in her own right.

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Watch: Genesis Rodriguez Has The Solution For #OscarsSoWhite
WATCH: Genesis Rodriguez Has the Solution For #OscarsSoWhite

#OscarsSoWhite isn't going until, well, until we can use the hashtag, #OscarsSoDiverse.

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Exclusive: Jose Moreno Brooks Talks ‘Telenovela’ Season Finale, Eva Longoria & Being Shirtless
Exclusive: Jose Moreno Brooks Talks ‘Telenovela,' Eva Longoria & Being Shirtless

Telenovelas are, and will always be, part of Latino pop culture. The over-the-top dramatics entertained our moms and probably subconsciously influences our love lives (ain’t nada like a romantic squabble among a Latino couple).

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