Dorkys Ramos

9 Simple Ways to Go Green

Discovery en Español and Natural Resources Defense Council’s La Onda Verde have partnered up to create the 3 Pasos, 3 Personas (Three Steps, Three People) campaign. The initiative will urge everyone to pick up three eco-friendly habits and ask three friends to join them. Their goal is to raise awareness among the Hispanic community and motivate us to take action and help the planet.

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Staff Health Challenge: Dorkys's Rocky Start

I can’t believe we’re only one week into this challenge and I’m already struggling. I thought once we started my mind would just shift gears and I’d be well on my way to 90+ lbs bliss. Old habits sure die hard! I might have gone shopping for all the right foods, but they aren’t making their way into my mouth.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Beauty Products

While you get into spring-cleaning mode this season, be sure to take a peek inside your makeup bag too. Did you find your perfect foundation shade ages ago and held on to it for years because there’s still a bit left in the bottle? You might want to read on before reaching for that sponge.

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Latina Staff Health Challenge: Day Two

For 90 days, three Latina staffers will give their unhealthy lifestyles a much-needed makeover as they shape up for summer. And with the help of nutritionist Christina Persaud, these ladies are ready to get their rears in gear. Let’s meet them!

Here's the second brave staffer who rose to the challenge:


Dorkys Ramos, 27
Assistant editor
Stats: 4 feet 9, 80 pounds

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How To Find a Job During a Recession

You might think finding a job nowadays is near impossible and with so many vying for a couple openings, you have good reason to believe so. But you will find one. Here, Juan Morales, managing director of executive search firm Stanton Chase International, tells you how to increase your chances of landing your next big gig!

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Colombian Army and FARC Rebels Battle Near Venezuelan Border

Yesterday, the Colombian army and FARC rebels started battling in a rural area by the Venezuelan border. According to officials, eleven guerrillas were killed when soldiers bombed the rebel camps in an attempt to find German Briceño Suarez, brother of FARC Military Chief Jorge Briceño Suarez. The bombings started Wednesday morning and once soldiers entered the area, they seized weapons, supplies and intelligence documents.

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World Health Day

We’d all like to rest easy knowing that if an emergency were to rip through our city, there would be a safe place to turn to for help. But what if you couldn’t get the help you need because the systems designed to protect you were a hot mess? Or what if the hospitals around you were all stretched beyond their capacity?

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How to Avoid A Burnout

The work keeps piling into your inbox and there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Plus, with numerous layoffs at your company, you’ve had to take on more tasks to fill in the gaps left behind. In other words, you're on the brink of a burnout. Here’s how you can step away from the edge and prevent a total meltdown.

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Gardening at Home

Many of us would love to have our own little patch of land to make our garden grow, ala the Obama family, but if the only space you have is a small corner in your living room you can still give your green thumb a workout.

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Another Brazilian Minor Raped By Family Member, Found to be 4 Months Pregnant

Looks like the abortion issue will continue to stir controversy among Brazilians. In yet another disturbing case of sexual abuse, a teenage girl has been impregnated by her father. But this time the 13-year-old girl has asked the courts to allow her to carry her four-month-old unborn child to term.

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