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EXCLUSIVE: Melt Cosmetics Jefas Lora Arellano-Tovar and Dana Bomar Dish It All
Sisters Lora Arellano-Tovar & Dana Bomar Dish on Being Jefas of Melt Cosmetics

This story originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of Latina magazine.

Two head-turning makeup artists said adios to Nordstrom and hello to becoming las jefas of Melt Cosmetics.

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Latina Fans Celebrate Jenni Rivera at Farewell Memorial
WATCH: Latina Fans Celebrate Jenni Rivera at Farewell Memorial

The world was watching to bid farewell to Jenni Rivera, known as affectionately as "La Diva de La Banda," at her "Graduacion Al Cielo" at Hollywood's Gibson Amphitheatre. More than 6,000 fans came as far as Mexicali to witness the closed-casket celebration that commenced without a hitch. Tickets were made available to fans two days ago for one dollar and sold-out in a record 15 minutes.

"Her casket was beautiful," said Ingrid Fuentes, a fan who attended the memorial. "It was big. It was red. It was shiny. It was just – basically her."

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