Dan Koday

Dan Koday is a New York City based writer, editor and digital content expert. His work has been featured in SeventeenLatina, Logo’s NewNowNextCosmoGirl and The Latin Kitchen, amongst many other prestigious publications. Dan is the former Executive Content Director for Latina, responsible for overseeing its digital and print content strategies for Latina – the #1 entertainment, fashion, beauty & lifestyle brand for acculturated U.S. Hispanic women – and TheLatinKitchen.com – a recipe, entertaining & how-to site that celebrates Latin cuisine.

A seasoned editor with 10 years of media background focused in digital and print, Koday has extensive experience and successes in social media, video production and on-camera hosting, mobile apps, and web design/user experience. In addition to his strong writing, editing and researching skills, Koday is a proven talent in celebrity wrangling, having secured exclusive interviews with some of today’s brightest celebrities, including Anne Hathaway, Robert Pattinson, Sofia Vergara, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, will.i.am and more.

Koday graduated from Fordham University‘s Fordham College at Lincoln Center with a degree in Communications & Media Studies/Journalism and resides in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

Favorite Latina fashionista: Jennifer Lopez has been killin' it for a decade at this point….

The Latino celeb I'd want to be best friends with: Chloe Bridges from The Carrie Diaries

My first celebrity crush: Jake Gyllenhaal (Still my celebrity crush…)

Something people don't know about me: I was a really good soccer player.

Guilty pop culture addiction: I wouldn't call the Kardashians a guilty addiction, so I'm going to go with Millionaire Matchmaker

My Latina Role Model: Sonia Sotomayor; here's why.

Fun Memory from My First Day at Latina: I found out I would be launching TheLatinKitchen.com!

Two words that describe Elvis Crespo: Ingenious. Scary?

If I met Jennifer Lopez, I would: Probably start humming "On the Floor".

Movie that makes me cry: Finding Nemo

Celebrity I'd switch teams for: Rihanna and Chelsea Handler

Latino artist on my iPod right now: Selena, always and forever

Favorite Interview with a Latino Celeb: Sofia Vergara – she's everything you want her to be, and more.

Favorite Latin dish: Flautas 

Favorite Spanish-Language Song: "Dame Leche" - for comical reasons though

Proudest Moment as a Latino: Well, I'm an honorary Latino, so probably when a woman in my old apartment building yelled at me in Spanish – and I yelled back! Just kidding… But the thing I love most about Latino culture is the warmth and passion they bring to everything in life.

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Father's Day Gifts That Seriously Don't Suck

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Summer Escape: This Weekend I Fell in Love with Sag Harbour & Some Seriously Cute Swimwear
Summer Escape: This Weekend I Fell in Love with Sag Harbor & Some Seriously Cute Swimwear

We've been busy, busy, busy over here at the Latina offices (We're getting ready to move offices, which as anyone who has ever moved can tell you, is hell!). But that's not the only thing that's been stressing me out lately. Summer is upon us in NYC and that means you basically sweat your entire commute to and from work. Just imagine walking from your apartment to the subway in 85+ degree weather with 80% humidity, getting on a packed train (Read: Lots of body heat) and then having to walk from the train stop to your office in the scorching weather again.

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Crazy Guy Takes Epic Selfie at Christ the Redeemer Statue...But it's Not Better Than My Pic!
Crazy Guy Takes Epic Selfie at Christ the Redeemer Statue

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Beyonce's Guacamole Recipe (Solange's Spicy Salsa Not Included…)
Beyonce's Guacamole Recipe (Solange's Spicy Salsa Not Included…)

Bey is the queen of the world, which means this guacamole shuts down every other guac period. But seriously, you'll fall crazy in love with Yonce's Mexican guacamole (No Solange kick included, which means if you're not a fan of spice this is the guac for you). Enjoy!


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Contiki Gives You a Quick, Easy Way You Can Help Save Endangered Sea Turtles
Contiki Gives You a Quick, Easy Way You Can Help Save Endangered Sea Turtles

Contiki, a travel company that specializes in group travel for the 18-35 set, recently partnered up with Celine Cousteau, the renowned explorer and documentarian and a group of storytellers from all over the world to tell a conservation story that is very near and dear to my heart. It's no news that sea turtles are an endangered species and there is a ton of conservation work that needs to be done in order to protect them along with their habitat.

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These Delish Lobster de Mayo Pics Will Make You Wish You Were There!
5 Food Pics from Lobster de Mayo That Will Make You Wish You Were There!

When you marry Cinco de Mayo with lobster - yes, lobster - it's a glorious thing. Case in point: This weekend's first ever Lobster de Mayo, where some of NYC's top restaurants were asked to create Mexican-inspired dishes highlighting everyone's favorite crustaceans. 

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Latina Bloggers Attend Hispanicize
The Definitive Guide to Hispanicize 2014: Everything You Need to Know About This Year!

In the past five years, Hispanicize has quickly become the event connecting the most influential Latinos in media. Whether you're a blogger, journalist, social media maven, musician, publicist or marketer, it's a place where you can meet new people or reconnect with influencers to advance your career and ultimate goals. The best part? The Miami-based event focuses on and celebrates Latino trendsetters, so all of the events have a unique cultural aspect, and we can definitely get behind that!

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A Day in the Life of Latina Editor Dan Koday
A Day in the Life of Latina's Director of Digital Operations Dan Koday

For our new series on Latina.com, we’re giving you an inside look into the day-to-day lives of the Latina magazine staff – what they’re reading, what they’re doing and what they’re loving right now. This week’s day in the life comes from our Director of Digital Operations, Dan Koday. Here’s a look into his day:

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Queen of the Night at the Diamond Horseshoe, Paramount Hotel NYC
Queen of the Night: The Show That Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job & Join the Circus

On Sunday night, while most people were watching the Oscars, I was taking in the new circus dance performance Queen of the Night. Why, might you ask, would I give up all the fun that goes along with critquing red carpet dresses and watching live as John Travolta flubbed Idina Menzel's name? Because (as I can now officially confirm), Queen of the Night is truly the hottest ticket in town! 

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TK Ideas for Hosting Your Oscars Viewing Party!
5 Ideas for Hosting Your Oscars Viewing Party!

Let's face it - everyday is reason to celebrate for Latinos, so The Academy Awards, airing this Sunday, need to be treated as an extra-special occasion. When else do you get to critique Hollywood red carpet style, laugh at loco acceptance speeches and sip a cocktail at the same time?...while in your pajamas. Get ready to host the ultimate night in on your couch. Whether it's just you, a couple of friends or the entire fam, you'll love these quick and easy ideas for making Oscars night extra special.

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