Damarys Ocaña Perez

Damarys Ocaña Perez is Director of Editorial Content at Latina Media Ventures. She leads its magazine, Latina, the pre-eminent beauty, fashion, culture and lifestyle magazine for acculturated U.S. Hispanic women and is responsible for maintaining Latina’s voice, vision and mission across all LMV platforms.
Ocaña Perez first joined Latina as associate editor in 2004 and served in various positions, including Entertainment Editor and Writer-at-Large, before launching a freelance career in 2008. She rejoined Latina as Executive Editor in 2012 and was named Director of Editorial Content in March 2013.
She began her career as a reporter for the Miami Herald, and has written on everything from government and crime, to contemporary art and commentary for print and online publications including People, The Guardian and the New York Daily News.
Born in Havana and raised in Miami, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

Report: Mexican Immigration Down Dramatically, Many Returning to Homeland
Report: Immigration Down Dramatically, Many Returning to Homeland

Republican candidates may be filling debate time talking tough about curbing illegal immigration coming from Mexico, but data analyzed by the Los Angeles Times in a special report suggest that that’s already happened.

Election 2012: The GOP Candidate’s Stance on Immigration

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Our Fave Latino Movie Vets
Our Fave Latino Movie Vets

One genre in which Latino actors have always found a home is the war movie—whether they are playing Latino characters or not. In any case, there have been some great, entertaining and even funny portrayals of those who have gone to war.

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Latino Military Heros
Latino Military Heroes

In honor of Veterans Day, we wanted to highlight Latinas who have dedicated their lives to saving ours.

Latinos have fought in every American war since the Revolution. Honor those who have given their service and their lives to help keep you free and safe.

Here are some outstanding Hispanics with exemplary military careers, putting their lives on the line every day for ordinary people.

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Shakira's Lifetime of Accomplishments

Last night, Shakira was honored as the Latin Grammy’s Person of the Year, becoming the youngest person ever to receive the prestigious award for philanthropy and contributions to music. The global star and humanitarian thoroughly deserves it.

“This is one of the most important moments of my life,” she said at the event. Here are others that stand out for us:

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Latinos in Texas Dig In for Redistricting Battle
Latinos in Texas Dig In for Redistricting Battle

Texas saw explosive growth in the past decade, according to the 2010 census, 65 percent of it fueled by Latinos as part of a total of 90 percent growth fueled by minorities. That lead to the state receiving four new Congressional districts, which equals four additional seats in Congress. How those new districts were drawn by the state is now the subject of two big court fights: One in Washington D.C., where Latino groups and the U.S. Dept.

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Mini Marriages
5 Latino Couples Married About As Long as Kim Kardashian

Well, that was quick. Just 72 days after she married Kris Humphries in a glamorous $10 million wedding, Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce. Ryan Seacrest confirmed the rumor on Twitter and on his radio show earlier today, where he said: "There were rumors up until the wedding and after the wedding," Seacrest said. "Looks like this is true and she is filing this morning."

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I Had Cancer
Latina Starts a Social Media Revolution for Cancer Survivors

You turn to Facebook to share your smallest every day thoughts and crazy night out pictures, but if you have been touched by cancer, whether you are a patient or survivor or have a family member or friend who is, there is now essentially a Facebook for cancer, IHadCancer.com, where you can share your experience and connect with others in worldwide network of support.

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Fall Movie Preview
13 Fall Movies Starring Latinos!

Fall doesn’t just mean changing leaves and chillier weather. It also marks the season for big, Oscar-contending movies. This year we have a variety of films, from comedies to epic dramas, starring Latinos. Here are some of the movies that we'll be checking out this fall!

Fall TV Calendar: Premiere Dates for 30 Shows Starring Latinos!

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The Best Latino Dancers of All Time
The 14 Best Latino Dancers of All Time!

There’s plenty of great dancing in the new Footloose remake (opening nationwide tomorrow and starring Puerto Rican actress Ziah Colon), so we thought it was a great time to make a list of the best Latino dancers of all time! Check out our choices and tell us if you agree that these Latinos are the best of the best. 

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Obama at Latino Heritage Forum: We Need to Pass the Jobs Bill

With Senate Republicans blocking the American Jobs Act on Tuesday night, President Obama kept a short speech at the first ever White House American Latino Heritage Forum to one topic: not immigration, education, but the importance of getting the bill passed in Congress.

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