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Arizona Professor Receives Backlash After Teaching Class About "The Problem Of Whiteness"
Professor Teaches Class On "The Problem Of Whiteness" & Gets Tons of Backlash!

An assistant professor at the Arizona State University has received an onslaught of hateful messages since Fox News aired a segment in January admonishing a course he teaches at the university. 

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University Texas Debuts Latino Leadership Award George P Bush
University of Texas Honors George P. Bush With Its First Latino Leadership Award

George P. Bush, Texas Land Commissioner, received the first ever Latino Leadership Award at the University of Texas earlier this week. The school issued the award as part of its new Latino Research Initiative. 

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Mall In Nicaragua Cancels Kids Swimsuit Fashion Show After Facebook Uproar
Mall in Nicaragua Cancels Kids Swimsuit Fashion Show After Facebook Uproar

Plaza Inter, Nicaragua's oldest modern shopping mall, decided to cancel a "kiddie swimsuit fashion show" after receiving backlash online from angry parents and customers. The fashion show was originally scheduled for Saturday, March 28.

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TK Ways To Honor Selena
11 Ways To Honor Selena

On March 31st, 1995, Selena Quintanilla was tragically murdered at the age of 23. Twenty years later, the Queen of Tejano reigns on in the hearts of her fans. We've compiled a few ways you can commemorate her legacy today (and everyday!) See them below:
MORE: Jennifer Lopez, Abraham Quintanilla & more reflect on Selena.

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Study Reveals Shocking Effect Poverty Brain Development
What Effect Does Poverty Have On A Child's Brain? The Results Will Shock You!

A new study reveals that children from poorer backgrounds may have smaller brains than children born to wealthier families. 

Researchers from nine universities across the country, led by neuroscientists at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Columbia University Medical Center, scanned the brains of nearly 1,100 children aged three to 20 years old. After taking genetic factors into account, they found that the surface area of the children's cerebral cortex tended to expand as family income rose. 

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El Salvador Soccer Team Wrong Anthem Washington DC
This Is Awkward: Salvadoran Soccer Team Honored With Wrong National Anthem

Well, this is awkward.

This weekend at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C., a friendly soccer match between Argentina and El Salvador had an, ahem, unusual beginning. As the Salvadoran team lined the field with their hands over their heart, they received quite a shock when they heard the wrong national anthem.

Somehow, the anthem of the Isle of Man blared overhead instead of the Himno Nacional of El Salvador. 

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10 Pictures Of Hot Dudes With Dogs
10 Pictures Of Hot Dudes With Dogs

Finally, an Instagram account that caters to the women (and men!) who love hot men and dogs... and especially hot men with dogs. Check out the best photos from Hot Dudes With Dogs
(P.S. You can thank us later!) 
MORE: 18 celebrities and their adorable pets!

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9 Things To Know About Ted Cruz
8 Things To Know About Ted Cruz

On Monday morning, Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President of the United States — becoming the first major politician to formally declare their intention of running for the office in 2016. Cruz, a Cuban-American, has served as a Republican Senator from Texas since 2012, and has become a key political player in Washington since his election. 
However, despite his brash speeches, many know little about the 44-year-old politician. Below, learn eight things about the Latino presidential contender: 

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Mexican Mayor Told Women to Watch "Soap Operas, Not the News"
Mexican Mayor Told Women to Watch "Soap Operas, Not the News"

Javier Garfio Pacheco, the mayor of Chihuahua, Mexico, urged a crowd of women to watch soap operas instead of the news during a speech delivered on Sunday — a statement which (obviously) did not go over well with the women of Mexico.

During an event to mark the Day Of The Domestic Worker, Pacheco led a raffle for a plasma-screen TV. He told the women the TV would be perfect for watching telenovelas during breaks from work. 

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