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Cristina Mari Arreola is the Associate Editor. Originally from El Paso, Texas, she earned her degree at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University before moving to New York City. In her downtime, you can usually find her scouring the city for the most authentic Mexican food (still looking), scaring herself silly watching horror movies, or frantically reading a novel from her (extremely lengthy) reading list. See what she's reading now on Goodreads, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Love Note Day: Three Sexy Love Letters From Famous Artists & Authors
Love Note Day: Three Sexy Love Letters From Famous Artists & Authors

On September 26, we celebrate Love Note Day, a day to pay tribute to your amor with a note, letter or scribble of your affections. 

For literary and art icons like Henry MillerPablo Neruda and Frida Kahlo, capturing the true immensity of their passion and commitment was near-impossible. Still, they left us with some of the most beautiful, masterly odes to love of all time — read them below: 

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10 Diverse Comic Book Characters
9 Diverse Comic Book Characters

Slowly but surely, comic book characters and superheros have grown to look more and more like ourselves, like our friends, like the people in our neighborhoods. On September 25, National Comic Book Day, take a moment to explores diversity in comics through these characters:

MORE: 13 Latino YA Authors To Know

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Massy Arias Citizenship Interview
EXCLUSIVE: Massy Arias on Becoming a U.S. Citizen,"I Want a Voice"

You may recognize Massy Arias as the no-nonsense, fad-free trainer who surged to Instagram fame thanks to her 15-second exercise tutorials and upbeat, realistic attitude toward weight loss and fitness. 

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Mexican Film Producer Family Kidnapped Killed
Director Alejandro Gómez Monteverde's Brother & Father Killed In Mexico

The father and brother of Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gómez Monteverde were found dead this weekend, 16 days after they had been abducted for ransom in Mexico, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Gómez Monteverde, the director of Little Boy and Bella, has been married to model and former Miss USA Ali Landry since 2006.

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Pope Francis Five Year Old Latina Girl
Pope Francis Greets 5-Year-Old Daughter Of Immigrants During D.C. Parade

Pope Francis was greeted by the child of an immigrant in Washington D.C. — watch the video. 

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10 Wedding Trends For The Modern Bride
10 Wedding Trends For The Modern Bride

A wedding should be a magical affair, reflecting the couple's style sensibilities (whatever they may be) and celebrating their love and commitment. Modern brides know that Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr can often take the place of a traditional wedding planner, so we've scoured the sites for the scoop on the hottest wedding trends of the year. Click through to see 10 beautiful trends you'll want to incorporate in your own boda

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Argentina Group Non Pregnancy Kits
Argentine Org Gives Out "Non-Pregnancy" Kits For World Contraception Day

A woman's organization in Argentina will distribute 'non-pregnancy' kits in six cities to help reduce teen pregnancy in the country. 

MORE: 10 Ways The Young Lords Fought For Women's Rights

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Text Messages Better Health
Could a Text Message Be the Key to Better Health?

Could a text message a day be the real key to keeping the doctor away?

MORE: 7 Ways Working Too Hard Can Seriously Damage Your Health

A new study suggests that texting patients reminders to do things like eat right, exercise and smoke less may help them make permanent lifestyle changes. 

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North Carolina Taco Restaurant Offensive Statues
Latino Customers Demand Mexican Restaurant Remove Offensive Statues

A Mexican restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina has come under fire from the local Latino community because of two statues that some believe depict Mexicans as lazy. 

The statues in front of Hot Taco in the city's South End show two Hispanic men sitting against a wall, wearing sombreros and sleeping. Latino activists in the city say the statue perpetuates tired, hurtful stereotypes about Latinos.

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President Obama, First Family Greet Pope Francis On First Day Of Monumental U.S. Tour
President Obama, First Family Greet Pope Francis On First Day Of U.S. Tour

Pope Francis touched down in Washington D.C. on Tuesday for the first day of his historic visit to the United States.

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