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Latina Hot List: See The Celebs Who Hit The Red Carpet!
Latina Hot List: See The Celebs Who Hit The Red Carpet!

The hottest Latino celebrities in Hollywood turned out to Latina's 2015 Hot List party on Tuesday night at the London West Hollywood in Los Angeles. Music mavens, movie stars, social media moguls and models brought the heat to the red carpet — and we've got all the pics! See all the arrivals below: 

MORE: All The Updates From The 2015 Hot List Party!

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Protest Your Girl: 5 Fast Facts About Breast Cancer Every Latina Should Know
Protect Your Girls: 5 Fast Facts About Breast Cancer Every Latina Should Know

It's true: Latinas do have lower rates of breast cancer. But, we're also more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage, making it harder to treat. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cacer deaths among Latinas, creating a real threat to our community. 

This National Breast Cancer Awareness Monthdo more than just wear pink: get the facts on how to stay healthy: 

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Latino Business Owners In Milwaukee Receive Anti-Mexican Postcards
Milwaukee Business Owners Receive Racially Charged, Anti-Mexican Postcards

Milwaukee business owners outraged after receiving threatening, anti-Mexican postcards in the mail. 

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Geraldo Rivera Calls Out Donald Trump For Canceling Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Appearance
Geraldo Rivera Blasts Donald Trump For Canceling Hispanic Chamber Q&A

Geraldo Rivera isn't pleased with Donald Trump's decision to cancel an important Latino-centric appearance — and he's not afraid to let the business mogul and presidential candidate know how he feels.

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Spanish Gymnasts Uptown Funk Rendition
#WorkoutGoals: These Gymnasts Are Killin' It To Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk"

These Spanish gymnasts are giving us major workout goals in this Bruno Mars-inspired workout.

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Mexican Grito Smartphone App
This Is The "Grito" App We Never Knew We Needed

Get your iPhones ready for Deiz y Seis in 2016! 

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Latina Mental Health Facts
8 Facts About Latinos & Mental Health That You Need To Know

October 4th through 10th marks Mental Health Awareness Week, seven days dedicated to providing education and promoting awareness about mental health in our communities. This year, the theme, #IAmStigmaFree, revolves around eliminating the stigma and shame of living with mental illness.

MORE: 10 Celebrities Who Raise Awareness About Mental Health

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Guatemala Landslide Survivor Search
Guatemalan Landslide Kills At Least 131 People

Rescuers have searched for days in the village of El Cambray, Guatemala for survivors of a landslide that killed at least 131 people and left an estimated 150 people missing. 

MORE: Guatemalan President Resigns Amidst Scandal

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Short Power! Study Says Taller People Have A Greater Risk Of Cancer
Uh Oh: Could Being Tall Increase Your Risk Of Getting Cancer?

Short people may never be able to find pants that don't sweep the floor when they walk. They may never be able to change a lightbulb without a little help. And they may never be able to see above the crowd at a concert. 

But a new study says they may be less likely to get cancer. 

MORE: 21 Items To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

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