Cameron T. Moore

Southpole & Latina’s Dress To Impress Fashion Show

Earlier this winter, Latina partnered with Southpole—a leading fashion brand in the streetwear apparel industry—to bring a taste of New York fashion to Chicago Latino Fashion Week, the only one of its kind.

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Jessica Alba Flaunts Her Post-Baby Curves for 2009 Campari Calendar

Since the birth of Jessica Alba's baby, Honor Marie,the star has mostly been photographed fully clothed and cradling herbundle of joy on the streets of LA and New York. But if her sexy shotsfor the new Campari calendar prove anything, it's that Jessica stillhas more sex appeal than most of us have in our little pinkies!

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6 Things to Do Before You Dye

In the final celebration of our search for the best Latino hairdressers in America, we bring you six crucial things to consider before changing your hair color. Next month: We reveal our 10 winners!

1. Think. Really hard. Don't act on a whim. This is a long-term commitment, so go to a salon for a consultation. A specialized colorist can determine which shade will work best with your skin tone.

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Luis Miguel's Wife Pregnant Again

Looks like Luis Miguel's wife Aracely Arambula is about to have an Irish twin: With her firstborn Miguelito not yet one year old, she all but announced on Escandalo TV that she's pregnant again. "Soon, I will give you the surprise," she said (twice in a row, actually), and then added, "This time I would love a girl, but don't be so nosy." Nosy? What did she think Escandalo TV was for, discussing foreign policy between Iceland and Denmark? Anyway, congratulations to the highly fertile couple.

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What to Wear to La Oficina

Do you stand in front of the closet every morning channeling Juanes--A Dios le Pido!--as you're figuring out what on Earth you'll wear to work? And then you wind up putting on lo mismo? <poplink width="500" height="615" target="">Here</poplink>, a for-every-<i>figura</i> guide to doing 9 to 5 in style.

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Alejandro Sanz Speaks Out for Immigrants

¡Eso! Alejandro Sanz came out and publicly condemned the vicious, racially-motivated beating of a young Ecuadoran girl in his home country of Spain. "I am repulsed, ashamed and completely furious," Alejandro told El Nuevo Diario, a Managua newspaper. His statements may not seem like such a big deal, but considering the anti-immigrant climate in Spain, this is akin to Brad Pitt making a pro-Mexican statement in the U.S.: pretty chevere. Gracias, Alejandro!

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Prostitute Claims Don Omar Stiffed Her for $4,000

An Argentine prostitute is charging that Don Omar spent two hot nights with her...and then skipped out on the $4,000 bill. On the TV show Al Rojo Vivo, she also said he's very dominant in bed, and likes S&M. Oh yeah, and that all this happened while he was already engaged to Jackie Guerrero. Of course, Don Omar denies knowing the prostitute and that nothing ever happened between them. Hmmm...ten cuidado, Jackie!

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Johan Santana

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