Brian Madigan

Jessica Alba: "No One Gives Cameron Diaz a Hard Time for Not Speaking Spanish"

Jessica Alba is finally hitting back at critics who question her identity. In an exclusive interview with Latina, the star of the new horror film The Eye dishes about the harsh double standard facing Latina actresses in Hollywood and how it's affected her differently from her peers.

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The Best Spring Break Movies of All Time Slideshow

Even if your co-ed days are gone, you can still relive undergraduate life with our selection of spring break flicks.

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Music Roundup: Julio Iglesias, Mana, Fat Joe and More...

Julio Iglesias, Jr. Wins CMTs Gone Country

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Tequila, Mexico

Check out our Latina travelers shots of the birthplace of Mexico's national bebida!

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Steppin' Out: Ana Ortiz is All Smiles, Shakira, Pitbull and More

Get a peek at Shakira and Rosario cuddling up to their men in private...or so they thought!

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