Amanda Cargill Food Content Director, Latina Media Ventures, LLC

Amanda Cargill is the Food Content Director at Latina Media Ventures, where she oversees food- and spirits-related features in Latina Magazine and on and She has traveled extensively in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Her work and travel have cultivated her palate and fostered a deep love of food and the stories it tells. Amanda received her BA in Sociology from the University of California at Los Angeles.

3 Delish Summer Drinks to Die For
3 Delish Summer Drinks That Are to Die For!

It's summertime and the sippin' is sexy! Mix up these cool, warm-weather cocktails created by the barmen at Miami's Rumbar for a picnic, pool party, or Independence Day celebration. (They're also great for a party of two: you and your air conditioner!) Salud! 

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The Best Meal I Ever Ate
The Best Meal I Ever Ate: Four Courses at Ramona in Cancun

To declare something “the best thing I ever ate” is a pretty big deal. In food terms, it’s kind of like saying “I love you.” As such, it’s a statement that should be reserved for “The One:” the meal that seduces your palate, wows your taste buds, and so completely blows your mind that you’d eat it every day if it came to a choice between that and never tasting it again.

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8 Hilarious Food Word Mash-Ups
8 Hilarious (& Useful) Food Lingo Mash-Ups

In today’s Twitter, “text me,” and YOLO-obsessed world, consolidation is key. In fact, if you don’t say what you mean in less than 140 characters, it’s likely that no one but your mom will be listening.

Thus we present to you the food phrase mash-up: a hilarious (and useful) – hilariful? – guide to delivering maximum meaning in the fewest syllables possible.

The below phrases will save valuable time that you can better use posting photos of your breakfast on Instagram. #funnyfoodwords – Yea, we know. We do it, too. Enjoy!

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San Diego Recipe at Smashburger
Try This Delicious 'San Diego Burger' Recipe From Smashburger

This delicious quarter pounder, which you can find at Smashburger, combines fresh Mexican ingredients like cilantro and lime with ripe California avocado and a sweet, custom-created bun. It’s the perfect balance of juicy burger and tangy toppings!

We think there's no better way to celebrate National Hamburger Day today, May 28th, than by making this delicious 'San Diego Burger' for dinner tonight! Enjoy.

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Cancun Riviera Maya WFF
Highlights From The Cancun Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival

The 2014 Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival was a whirlwind event held at locations throughout the spectacularly sun-drenched resort city. Following four days of tastings, dinners, chef interviews and cooking demos, we summarized some of our favorite moments.

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