Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz Split

If only all breakups were this friendly: In telling the world he'd broken up with Kate del Castillo, Aaron Diaz had this to say: "Kate and I broke up, but it's all okay. She's an excellent woman, the truth is I respect her. We hadn't said anything about it because it wasn't the right moment, but we talked and now we can say it. It was a beautiful relationship and we're happy," Aaron told the Mexican press (translation by People en Español).

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Jennifer Lopez Confirms Pregnancy On Stage!

Finally! Jennifer Lopez confirmed her pregnancy last night before 10,000 fans at the closing night of her tour. "Marc and I are expecting," she told thrilled concertgoers at Miami's American Airlines Arena. According to People en Español, Marc Anthony kissed her belly and said, "I didn't know she was going to talk!" Hmm...maybe Jennifer took a cue from Christina Aguilera, and realized it was just getting silly that she hadn't said anything yet. In any case, no word yet on whether she's really expecting twins...

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Department of Homeland Security Forced to Apologize for Racist Costume

Ahh, so these are the nice people responsible for kicking our cousins out of the country: The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement division is all in a flap over racist costumes that showed up at a Halloween party held for agency employees, reports ABC News. Julie Myers, the assistant secretary overseeing la migra has apologized after she personally awarded "most original costume" to a white employee dressed in prison stripes, dreadlocks, and...wait for it....blackface makeup.


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Mexican Stars Join Together to Support Flood Victims

Happily, some stars have joined to help out the flood victims in Tabasco, Mexico: Mexican musicians Reyli, Timbiriche, and Camila announced they've created Cantando por Tabasco, a fundraising campaign to help out both Tabasco and Chiapas (Reyli's home state). (This news via Mexican newspaper El Universal.) So don't go calling los Timbirichitos shallow, okay?

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Is Christina Aguilera Having a Baby Boy?

Is Christina Aguilera expecting a boy? New York's Daily News reports she recently registered for $12,000 worth of baby stuff at super-caro baby boutique Petit Tresor...and that everything was blue. The stuff included a $200 cashmere stuffed puppy (!) and $680 worth of bedding. Que le hace pensar that her baby won't spit up all over that cashmere peluche the first day it's born? But anyguey...we're sure she has a good dry cleaner.

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Mexican TV Host Beaten Up by Look-a-Like Male Prostitute

Whoa: Mexican TV Host Fabian Lavalle was found outside a Mexico City hotel last week partially naked, with his hands and feet bound and his face badly bruised and bleeding. Lavalle, 57, who hosts Galavision's Con Todo, was taken to the hospital and remained there until yesterday, according to the gossip show, La Oreja. Police arrested a male prostitute for the crime, Alfredo Cervantes Landa, who later claimed the dispute arose because Fabian didn't want to pay up after the duo had sex. Alfredo's now facing two to six months in jail.

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Gloria Estefan to Premiere New Film in Dubai

Chido: Gloria Estefan will premiere her new film 90 Millas in Dubai this December, reports the Miami Herald. The film, which was directed by husband Emilio Estefan, details the lives of Cuban musicians in exile in the U.S. (kind of a Buena Vista Social Club for stateside performers).

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Pregnant Jennifer Lopez Cancels San Diego Tour Date

Please, people! What's up with all the speculation that Jennifer Lopez cancelled the San Diego leg of her tour (the last scheduled date) because she's already going to give birth? Have any of the fools posting this on the internet ever seen a woman about to give birth? That kind of bump can't be hidden under trapeze dresses, like Jennifer still does. Believe us, by that time she'll be as swollen as a Christmas pig. Besides, the excuse her reps gave (the wildfires) seems perfectly reasonable.

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Colombian Tourism Board Sends Juan Valdez Look-alike to Film Premiere

So, we're stereotyping ourselves now? At the Miami premiere of Love in the Time of Cholera, we hear the Colombian tourism board sent someone to walk the red carpet dressed up as Juan Valdez, complete with a donkey. WTF? Here's a movie based on a novel by the most accomplished Colombian writer in history, featuring John Leguizamo, a Colombian who's not so shabby himself in the talent department...and this is what the country wants to promote? Jeez...

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