Best & Worst Dressed: June 12 - 22

The red carpet was a mixed bag last week, with stars like Jennifer Lopez looking fabulous as usual, while others... well you'll just have to see.

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Spanish Singer Melendi Causes Havoc on Trans-Atlantic Flight

We had never really heard of Melendi, but apparently the Spanish singer is a big-time necio: He caused so much drunken ruckus on a flight from Madrid to Mexico this week that the pilot had to turn the plane around and return to Spain! The worst part: The plane had already been en route for three hours. Imagine being on a plane for six hours only to end up back where you started? No word on whether fellow passengers tried to jump ese Melendi upon landing. (News via

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Hugo Chavez: Sexiest Man Alive?

Huh? A Venezuelan poll voted Hugo Chavez the fifth sexiest man in the nation, reports Reuters. At first, we thought maybe dictator Huey commissioned the poll himself, but no: It was done by Fedecamaras, Venezuela's top business group that pretty much hates Chavez and even backed the 2002 coup against him.

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Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Expecting a Baby?

Ahh, how chismoso is the staff at super high-end baby boutique Petit Tresor? Every time someone famous shops there, details about everything the celeb even looked at makes it into the gossip columns. Anyway, this time it's Matthew McConaughey's Brazilian girlfriend Camila Alves. She was spotted shopping there for baby furniture, and she bought a diaper bag, revealed New York's Daily News.

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Is Mario Lopez a Prima Donna?

Looks like Mario Lopez is a bossy guy: In helping plan a housewarming bash for his friend, hotelier Gavin Maloof. Mario killed just about every entertainment idea Maloof had, according to New York's Daily News. First, Mario barred his ex-wife Ali Landry from hosting a bikini fashion show (remember, they were married for two weeks until Ali dumped him and asked for an annulment, allegedly because Mario cheated?).

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Merengue Singer Sentenced to Year in Prison for Heroin Possession

Que que?? Dominican merengue singer Dimanchy gets busted with 12 kilos of heroin...yet now he's been sentenced to just one year of jail in the Dominican Republic? He better thank God, Allah, Buddha, and Chango for letting him get caught there, and not in the United States, where his sentence would have been mas o menos a million years. (News via New York's El Diario.)

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King of Spain to Hugo Chavez: "Shut Up!"

A head-of-state catfight? Well, almost: at the Ibero-American summit in Chile this weekend, Spain's King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez to "shut up," reports the BBC News. The King lobbed the insult (exact words: "porque no te callas") after Chavez called former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a "fascist" and kept interrupting the current Spanish Prime Minister.

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Daddy Yankee Causes Traffic Jam in the Dominican Republic

Daddy Yankee may have lost some Dominican fans last week. According to, his promoters caused a huge traffic jam in Santo Domingo when they pasted an unauthorized promotional ad for his upcoming Dominican concert on a local bridge. When firemen were called in to take down the ad, it caused a 2-hour long jam at the Juan Bosch bridge. We're pretty sure some people trapped inside hot cars were cursing about la gasolina...

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Is Shakira Headed to Hollywood?

Shakira will be taking a break from performing to take acting classes and perfect her English, reports La Mega radio. The reason: She wants to break into Hollywood. For now, Shaki fans can get their fix with three songs she's recorded for the soundtrack to the new movie Love In The Time of Cholera: "Hay Amores" (a bolero), "La despedida" (Andean-style music), and a new version of "Pienso en Ti".

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