Soak up the Sun in Punta Cana!

Although this is the land of the all-inclusive resort and vacationers rarely have to leave the confines of their cushy hotel grounds, the area does have lots to offer adventurous travelers who venture out. We’ve compiled some of our favorite places to stay, chow down, visit and the companies that will help you decipher it all.

Places to stay

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Best and Worst Dressed: The 2008 SAG Awards

See which Latin celebs shined and which ones should take a second crack at looking fabulous when the Oscars roll into town.

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The Best Flan in America

A Latina who doesn't get all giddy about flan? Doesn't exist as far as we know! After all, who could resist such a divine concoction of caramel, vanilla and leche condensada? A few months ago we sent our fearless tasting team on a coast-to-coast search of panaderías, bodegas and fancy restaurants alike. The result? A delectable tour of our favorite flans, from Miami to Los Angeles. One thing: We couldn't possibly have tasted every flancito out there (whose caderas could handle that?), so we're certain we've overlooked some great ones.

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Is it Lust or Love?

The guy in your life makes you happy. But is he really the man you were meant to be with? Here, how to tell.

You know it's lust if:

You don't mind when he's mysterious. Maybe he replies to only one out of every three text messages you send him. Or maybe he won't give detailed answers about where he went last night. But instead of being annoyed, you love the challenge.

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The Wacky World of Online Dating

Finding a Latin man the old-fashioned way wasn't working out, so I logged on for love—and kept a journal of every juicy detalle.

It's Saturday night and I'm alone because all my amigas are out on dates. One of them is celebrating her one-month anniversary with a guy she met online. Hey, if it worked for her, maybe it can work for me. I look at my laptop and decide it's time.


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9 Signs Your Man Might Be Cheating

1. Sudden business travel: He´s never traveled for work before, but now his job involves mandatory weekend getaways.

2. Low sex drive: He used to be ready for action 24-7, but now he´s always "too tired." Or else he´s suddenly begging you to try...

3. Adventurous sexual positions: Overnight, he´s gained some new bedroom skills that he wants you to learn.

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Celebrating Love: Our Favorite Happy Couples

Some couples wait until Valentine's Day to pull out their smoothest moves, but others—well, you know the type. They're always side by side, with body language that oozes "I'm yours," feeding each other spoonfuls of flan by candlelight. Celebrities, of course, are notorious for this kind of PDA, and normally we have mixed feelings about it. Today, though? We salute them. Here's to the cutest celebrity couples, who are no doubt embracing each other in smitten ecstasy at this very moment! Que cute.

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Brave Heart: On the Road with Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz, 39, went on hiatus last year to do some soul searching in Latin America. He won't say exactly where, "in case he has to go back." He's joking, of course, but not too long ago, fans had a reason to be worried. Last May, Spanish doctors ordered Sanz to postpone the hectic world tour in support of his 2006 album El Tren de los Momentos. Their prescription: Get some rest, Ale. Ever since November, he's been back at work, feeling recharged and stronger than ever.

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How Far Would You Go to Look Good?

Hispanic women are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery. But what is it really like to go under the knife? Latina finds out.

By Aviva Patz

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images19138.jpg's Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Even the savviest shoppers have a hard time finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Why? Let's be honest: it's hard not to cop out with red roses, fuzzy teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolate boxes when they're literally streaming out of gift shops!

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