Movie Review: <i>No Country for Old Men</i>

We love us some Coen Brothers, but after their last three movies—"Intolerable
Cruelty, "The Ladykillers" and "The Man Who Wasn't There,"—even we were starting
to wonder when the idiosyncratic directors would return to form. Brutal,
truthful and unrelenting for its full running time, "No Country for Old
is that return to form, in a big way.

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Movie Review: <i>There Will Be Blood</i>

The first 10 or so minutes of the ambitious, ultimately unsatisfying "There
Will be Blood," are wordless, and brilliant. A man (Daniel Day Lewis),
standing alone at the bottom of a dark, vertical mine shaft carved out of the
ground, painstakingly chisels away at the walls in search of precious metals. He
climbs out, falls and injures himself, and with astonishing singlemindedness,
clambers out and crawls away, then repeats that kind of backbreaking work as one
of many workers at an oil shaft. That opening sequence is pretty much all you

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Movie Review: <i>Juno</i>

During the first 10 minutes of Juno, Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page)
looks like she's doing an impression of Napoleon Dynamite, the nerdy hero of
Jared Hess's 2004 cult-comedy hit starring John Heder. Both Juno and Napoleon
are socially inept, small-town misfits whose lingua franca has spawned
imitators all around the world. Like the infamous Napoleon, Juno is an off-beat
character who speaks in her own dialect, avoids the "in-crowd" and even has her
own sidekick (no, not Pedro) a peer named Leah (charming newcomer Olivia

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Movie Review: <i>Michael Clayton</i>

Michael Clayton comes on so slowly that, were this not a George
movie, you might be tempted to bolt. But stick around and you get
rewarded with some of the year's most intense performances, including from
Clooney himself, as a "fixer" for a law-firm that specializes in defending huge
corporations against lawsuits.

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Movie Review: <i>Be Kind Rewind</i>

Be Kind Rewind is kinda like a cupcake—quirky-cute, and sweet while
you're savoring it, but as soon as it's down the hatch, you feel like you
swallowed little more than fluffy air. But that's alright. Though it won't rock
your world the way we want a Michel Gondry movie to—there are certainly
worse things for a movie to be than likeable. Set in dreary Passaic, New Jersey,
it's populated by the kind of oddball characters that populated Gondry's
previous movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science

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Movie Review: <i>Vantage Point</i>

Thrills don't come any cheaper than those in Vantage Point, a movie that pretends to be a political thriller with something to say about terrorism but is really an excuse for big, dumb, interminable car chases, explosions and shootouts.

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Trend Alert: Nude Beauty at the Oscars

We're so proud of Penélope Cruz, Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz—not only did these Latina leading ladies avoid the pitfall of wearing a red gown and looking like everyone else at the Oscars, but they also rejected the bright pinks and reds seen on the faces of other stars and went for an au naturale glow. All three stars proved that even on a night as spectacular as the Academy Awards, nude makeup can be sublimely sexy.

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Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie Go Crazy Over Cover Competition

Wow, there are some days we thank our estrellas that we aren't on the management team of an A-list celebrity (well, make that every day). The New York Daily News reports that Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie have both been acting, err, out of sorts since delivering their babies a few weeks ago.

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Javier Bardem, <i>No Country for Old Men</i> Win Big at the Oscars

Hollywood's biggest night has come and gone, and while we think it was sort
of a dull show, the highlight was definitely Javier Bardem's win for Best
Supporting Actor and his touching acceptance speech. Javi and his boys, the
Coen Brothers, were the big winners of the night—their film No Country
for Old Men
also took home the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted
Screenplay prizes.

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Best Dressed at the Oscars

the oscar slideshow you should link to is titled "Best Dressed Slideshow at the 2008 Oscars"

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