Red Cross: Tabasco, Mexico Floods are One of World's Worst Natural Disasters

Mexican officials are calling the massive floods in Tabasco one of the worst disasters ever to hit the country. In case you don't watch the news, 80 percent of the state is underwater, and some 300,000 people are trapped in the area. "New Orleans was small compared to this," state Governor Andres Granier told the press. The Red Cross is asking for donations of bottled water, quilts, and canned food. If you want to help out, visit

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Rita Moreno: Botox Fan?

Rita Moreno recently popped up in a funny place: serenading "Botox King" Dr. Seth Matarasso at his "annual 29th birthday party," reports New York's Page Six. So...we're wondering whether Rita gets her face fixed by the good doctor. If so, nothing wrong with a little work here and there, right?

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Carlos Santana and Wife Divorcing

Iconic musician Carlos Santana and Deborah Santana, his wife of 34 years, are getting divorced, the Associated Press reports. Deborah filed papers in a San Rafael, CA court citing irreconcilable differences.

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Jennifer Lopez Film Bordertown Embroiled in Legal Battle

Will the Jennifer Lopez movie Bordertown end up going straight to video, as rumors suggest? The producers have yet to announce a US release date, and now we know why: New York's Daily News reported today that the movie's being held up by a court battle between the film's directors and producers.

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Paulina Rubio Fails Drug Test, Denied US Residency

Whoa! Perez Hilton is dishing that Paulina Rubio was recently denied U.S. residency when she failed a drug test. Her results allegedly showed traces of marijuana, while husband Nicolas Vallejo supposedly turned up positive for cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana!

Maybe this explains her demands to have a zillion bottles of perfume available in her dressing room -- could she be trying to cover up that signature weed stink?

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Inside Joke for Spanish Speakers on 'My Name is Earl'

On a recent episode of My Name is Earl, Spanish speakers got an unexpected tip when Latin character Catalina suddenly broke out of a flashback scene to explain in un-subtitled Spanish why she was hanging with a character she wouldn't yet have met at the time the scene depicted: "Look, I know that this doesn't make any sense on this show because, as we can see, I came after Y2K, but in reality, who pays attention to those kinds of things?" said actress Nadine Velasquez, according to the LA Times.

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Mario Lopez Skips Charity Event to Party with Playboy Bunnies

Oye, Mario, shame on you. Perez Hilton reports that sort-of celebrity Mario Lopez decided to bail on his benefit-hosting duties for Casas Seguras, a charity to help victims of domestic violence and their children, in his hometown of Chula Vista on October 27, opting instead to party toda la noche at the Playboy mansion.

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Is Amy Winehouse One of Us?

We love it: Guanabee hit the nail on the head yesterday when it called Amy Winehouse kind of a chola. Check out their reasoning: "She wears tons of eyeliner, heavy hoop earrings, hairstyles that test the boundaries of human comprehension and wifebeaters and she speaks in a barely decipherable accent. Plus she's missing teeth!" Orale to that. Maybe she needs Father Boyle to help her lay off the manteca.

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Is Michael Peña a Scientologist?

With Tom Cruise flick Lions for Lambs about to open, we were excited to see co-star Michael Peña—the hottie from Crash, Babel, and Walkout. But then we heard Michael is a Scientologist, and, well, it's kind of like when you found out your fifth grade crush picked his nose...a bit of a turn-off. We wonder: Did that connection to super-scientologo Tom help him get the part? And what is it about that religion that has so many celebs (including J.Lo, allegedly) believing their minds have been tainted by extraterrestrial interference?

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