Eva Longoria Supports Striking Writers

Props to Eva Longoria: She came out yesterday to support the striking writers picketing outside the set of Desperate Housewives. That picket line is part of a larger Writers Guild of America strike that includes the escritores of most scripted and chat shows. Here's hoping everyone works it out soon—we need our tele!

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RBD Bombs in Costa Rica

Oof! Guess Costa Ricans are too cool for RBD: the band's failed to sell even one-fourth of the available tickets at their San Jose concert Sunday,leaving a pretty empty stadium. The concert's organizers even let fans move down to the front seats to make the venue look less empty, the gossip show La Oreja reports.

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New Couple Alert: Manny Perez and Angelica Vale

Word is, Manny Perez has a new girlfriend. (In case you can't place him, he's the handsome guy who resembles a Latin Count Dracula in Bella, El Cantante, Illegal Tender, and Third Watch) People en Español reports he's dating Angelica Vale, the star of La Fea Más Bella, and that he calls her "maravillosa"! Aww....felicidades to the happy couple.

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Dick Cheney Confuses Venezuela for Peru

He can't tell his papas from his arepas. While trying to criticize Hugo "el loco" Chavez in a speech Friday, Dick Cheney only succeeded in making himself look bad: He attacked the Venezuelan president by saying "the people of Peru deserve better." Huh? Peru doesn't even share a border with Venezuela, buddy! Cheney made the gaffe while speaking to the Dallas-based World Affairs Council, according to the BBC. No report on whether anyone in the audience cracked up.

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TV Hostess Causes Scandal in Telemundo Parking Lot

They don't call her Candela for nothing. is dishing about an embarrassing scandal at Telemundo (why does that network seem to have all the scandals?): A network employee found her car smashed up after she'd left it in the studio parking lot. No one came forward to admit to the damage.

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Christina Aguilera Finally Confirms Pregnancy

Pasó un milagro: Christina Aguilera finally announced her pregnancy. According to Perez Hilton, she's reveals her baby is due in early 2008 in the new issue of Glamour magazine. Like any first-time mother, she's both nervous and excited: "I want to get it right," she says. Luckily, she adds that husband Jordan is super-attentive: "He's just great. He's so supportive and amazing through everything. He came with me on the last leg of the tour and he was my support system...I'm a lucky girl." Felicidades!

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Red Cross: Tabasco, Mexico Floods are One of World's Worst Natural Disasters

Mexican officials are calling the massive floods in Tabasco one of the worst disasters ever to hit the country. In case you don't watch the news, 80 percent of the state is underwater, and some 300,000 people are trapped in the area. "New Orleans was small compared to this," state Governor Andres Granier told the press. The Red Cross is asking for donations of bottled water, quilts, and canned food. If you want to help out, visit

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Rita Moreno: Botox Fan?

Rita Moreno recently popped up in a funny place: serenading "Botox King" Dr. Seth Matarasso at his "annual 29th birthday party," reports New York's Page Six. So...we're wondering whether Rita gets her face fixed by the good doctor. If so, nothing wrong with a little work here and there, right?

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