Angel Sanchez Reveals His Inspiration for His Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Black, white, bright yellow, and bold blue laid the foundation for Angel Sanchez’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Sanchez’s presentation style fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week allowed guests to get an up close look at the architecturally stunning designs.

We spoke with Venezuelan fashion designer on the day of his show. Sanchez, who is a judge on Project Runway Latin America, shared with us his inspiration for this collection and his must try Latin American vacation destination!

What was your inspiration for this collection?

"The inspiration came from the work of Rafael Barrios, another Venezuelan artist, and I saw his work on Park Avenue [in NYC]. He came [to me and] told me [his] ideas about how geometrical elements have always been present in my work. And [so] we put a balance between precise lines and very geometric element[s], [and] the woman, the feminine element. All of the fabrics [that I used], like organza, remind me of sensual elements. As a designer I always play with [balance]. So with this collection it was [Rafael Barrios'] art [that] was my inspiration from the beginning."

The cutouts in this collection are beautiful!

"I [bought a lot of] pieces, accessories, and then I tried to manipulate the fabric doing cutouts to get the geometric [pattern], but in a very empty way, because I wanted to do something very light, very ethereal. You will see the pattern is very geometric."

What is your favorite place to vacation in Latin America when you’re not busy designing?

"Los Roque in Venezuela, in the islands. It’s almost three hundred small islands that are beautiful for vacation. Try them!"

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