Ally Brooke Answers All Your 'Low Key' Questions And She Doesn't Hold Back

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Fans have been waiting anxiously for Ally Brooke to drop her first single as a solo artist, and the wait is finally over.

"Low Key" is out and there's no denying her collaboration with Tyga is fire, it's everything we dreamed of and more. Oh, did we not mention that she also dropped a companion video for the single?

Yeah, she's got moves like  Jagger and she's got an adorable love interest that's famous in his own right: Ricky Alvarez.

You know, the famous dancer and ex-boyfriend of one Ariana Grande

"There was another dancer cast for the role in the video first but he had a scheduling conflict like two days before the shoot," Brooke told during an interview in West Hollywood, Calfornia recently.

"My team and I were freaking out a little, truth be told. Then my team found Ricky, and it all worked out perfect. He had to rush into rehearsals learning the dance moves, measured for wardrobe, and so many other things that happened so quickly.  He turned out to be so amazing, not just in the video, but also as a person. He's so nice and, what I loved the most, was that he was so respectful.

I knew I didn't want to do anything too crazy and he was respectful of that. He worked great with my other dancers, I'm really happy with how it all turned out."

"Low Key" almost wasn't Ally's first single to be released, she had another one she was moving forward with before she heard this new track. It was love at first...listen and the rest is history.

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"My manager Charles Chavez hit me up and told me about this incredible new song I needed to hear," she explained. "He was so excited telling me that Julian Bunetta, Teddy Geiger, and John Ryan are all a part of this record and that I needed to stop whatever I was doing and listen to it. He was so bold in telling me that if they were able to secure the track, it was going to be my first single.

After just one listen, I knew it was the one. Mind you, I've been recording for nearly a year trying to find my sound and exploring who I was. I really can't believe I'm finally in this moment where I can release my single."

The Texas-native admits she "didn't want any barriers" for her solo debut, coming from such a popular group like Fifth Harmony. Creating music for her upcoming album is all about Ally, unapologetically.

"I didn't want to think about barriers during my creative process so I didn't think about the group, or anthing else," she explained. "I focused on simply staying true to myself and trust that I will feel what is right for my music. With 'Low Key,' I fell in love with it because it was so sassy, fun, and sexy. It really spoke to me and it felt like Ally.

I went with how it made me feel and I knew it was the one."

Speaking of "the one," Tyga was the only one that couldv'e collaborated with her on this track and she had nothing but great things to say about the rapper. In the beginning, the song didn't even have a part for a second singer, but her label thought he would make a great addition.

"We originally thought it was only going to be me singing alone," she explained. "But Julie Greenwald and Craig Kallman from Atlantic Records thought the song would benefit from having a rapper. They told me they were thinking of Tyga and I thought that working with him would be awesome! He's so talented and he'd had a tremendous year. When they sent me audio of what he sounded like rapping on the song, I low key--- no pun intended--- freaked out. He really killed it."

Before watching the video below, we wanted to put to let our readers know that the fur jacket in the video is faux fur. Ally wouldn't have it any other way.

Congrats Ally!