Alejandro Sanz Honored by King of Spain

Alejandro Sanz’s music career is impressive enough to be recognized by royalty. Which is most likely why the 42-year-old Spanish superstar recently received a medal from the king of Spain himself!

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According to Tr3s, the award presented by King Juan Carlos to Sanz was in honor of the singer’s musical contributions. And oh, how long that list is. Throughout the years, the musician’s raspy voice has paved the way for hugely successful albums, including an MTV Unplugged Album in 2002 that marked him as the first Spanish artist to record such a project. Sanz has also won numerous Latin Grammy Awards as well as several Grammys.

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With that said, we think Sanz’s newest award is well deserved. Spain’s king and Sanz were photographed shaking hands together at the awards ceremony, which took place at El Pardo Palace in Madrid. Sanz is currently filming La Voz Mexico, (the Latino version of The Voice) but took a break to be present for the ceremony. And who wouldn’t? You’re being honored by the King of Spain!

Congrats to Sanz and many wishes on more success!