Afro-Latina Item of the Week: Esperanza Spalding’s Natural Hair

Best Afro-Latina at the Grammys Last Year
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This being Afro-Latina Thursday here on—and only a few days away from the Grammys—we’re taking a look back at our fave Afro-Latina at the Grammys last year.

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Who can forget the buzz over Esperanza Spalding, the jazz sensation who won "Best New Artist"? Obviously her win was huge—but her hair certainly got a ton of press, too. And although we can’t say for sure that Esperanza was the inspiration for many of you to go natural this year, it is true that more and more of you are!

Perhaps her gorgeous style has helped to inspire hair brands, too. Motions has just launched a new hair care line called Naturally You!, which is ideal for Afro-Latinas who want to transition from a relaxer to their natural texture a la Esperanza.

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If you’re ready to go for it, Motions celebrity stylist (and Rihanna’s hair pro) Ursula Stephen says her number one tip is to moisturize as much as possible. “At first, the new growth is going to come in really coarse and wiry. You have to moisturize a lot to get it to soften and blend in with the rest of your texture,” she explains.

Start using the Motions Naturally You! Deep Conditioning Masque ( once a week throughout the grow-out process. At about six months, you’ll know how your natural texture is going to look.  As you transition, there are all sorts of options to hide the regrowth. “You can get a curl set, a weave, braids, or flat iron your hair or wrap it with a cool scarf.” None of those will permanently change your texture.

In the meantime, tune in to see more of our stars at the Grammys this Sunday. Wonder who will be the mane star this year?!