Adorable "Baby Beethoven" Wows Musical World

Que precioso! Five-year-old pianist Jacob Velasquez has wowed the musical world with his knack for learning entire piano sonatas by memory.

Dubbed “Baby Beethoven”, the South Florida boy learned to play the piano not by reading music but through his photographic memory. The musical genius was able to learn an entire Beethoven sonata in just three weeks, according to Fox News Latino.

Jacob’s mother, Tina Velasquez, said she discovered her son’s musical talent after she heard him playing and mistook it for her husband, Willie

“Willie was at work, and I was in the kitchen and I hear the song Willie was playing the night before,” she said. “I came in here and said, ‘Jacob, oh my gosh, that’s you?’”

After discovering his talent, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. Despite the fact that Jacob is too small to reach the pedals, he’s been admitted to the National Musician's Guild. Jacob learned 10 classical pieces by memory for the audition. His father said that his son “exceeded the expectations.” 

When asked why he loves playing piano, the adorable pint-sized pianist answered, “Because I learn all these songs!”