6 Ways Selena Gomez Is the Next Britney Spears

Selena Gomez recently announced details of her Stars Dance World Tour on the Ryan Seacrest Show. The Latina pop star revealed that she plans on channeling Britney Spears on stage. “My favorites were Britney and Janet Jackson so I kind of want it to be a bit more dancing and make it about entertainment and about the show and the songs as opposed to how big the stage and effects are,” she said. We think Selena is off to a great start! Here are 6 ways Selenita is the next Britney!

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They both dated Justins:

Before there were Bieblievers crying over Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hooking up, everyone had their eyes set on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. The “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer split from the N’ Sync star in 2002 and soon enough, Justin’s break-up song “Cry Me A River” earned him a Grammy. Selenita sang JT’s hit at an event shortly after calling it quits with the Biebs. Now, do we see a pattern here?

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Controversial performances:  

Selena recently felt the heat from Hindu leaders for her nod to Indian culture in her live performances of “Come and Get It” at the MTV Movie Awards and DWTS. The pop star wore a bindi on her forehead, which is a religious symbol and critic’s say should not be used simply as an accessory. Britney also caused animal activists to speak up over her “I’m A Slave 4 U” at the 2001 VMA’s, where the pop star danced with a live python on her shoulders. As Brit would say, “Oops…I Did It Again!”

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Successful perfume lines:

Since 2004, the “Toxic” singer has taken over the celebrity fragrance industry with over ten perfumes including, Curious and Fantasy. Britney has reportedly grossed over $10 billion from perfume sales worldwide. Selena is also following in her footsteps. She launched her first self-titled perfume ad campaign last spring.

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They are Disney grads:

Brit got her start on The Mickey Mouse Club back in the 1990s while Selena starred on her own television show, The Wizards of Waverly Place. The network was on to something when they hired these ladies!

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Both are dedicated to philanthropy:

The 20-year-old is known for giving back as the spokesperson and youngest ambassador for UNICEF. She’s also the ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and DoSomething.org. Britney isn’t too far behind. The mega-pop star launched the Britney Spears Foundation to help children in need find access to performing arts programs. Over the years, she has been affiliated with charities including Artists Against AIDS Worldwide and the Promises Foundation.

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Both starred in coming of age movies:

Selena caused headlines after playing a bad girl in the coming of age movie, Spring Breakers. In 2002, Spears starred in Crossroads, opposite Zoe Saldana, a movie about three girlfriends finding themselves on a road trip. Just like Britney, we doubt the Academy will be praising Selena for this one.