6 Ways to Look Awesome In Photos — From Photographer Todd Anthony Tyler!

Running around Fashion Week, we got the chance to ask international photographer and the new judge on Asia's Next Top Model, Todd Anthony Tyler, some tips for taking the perfect pic. After all, everywhere you look during Fashion Week, it seems like a model, celebrity, editor or blogger is getting their picture taken. So whether you're getting photographed at Fashion Week or simply snapping selfies on Instagram (Follow Latina @latinamagazine), check out these six tips from Todd, which will help you look even more glamourous than you already are!

1. Always give yourself some extra height by simply standing taller and not slouching. It's amazing how many inches you lose just from bad posture, and of course, a nice high heel can help create more length.

2. If the photographer is shooting full length shots, get your proportions right! Ask them to shoot from a lower angle - shooting from normal standing height and with a wide angle lens will shorten you and make your legs look shorter than they are.

3. When a photographer is shooting from a lower angle, be aware of holding your face too high. Lower it a bit so that that the photographer is not shooting up your nose and thus capturing an unflattering image of you.

4. Avoid standing square to the camera. Turn your body slightly to a 45 degree angle – it makes a big difference! If you like to pop a pose, create shape by placing your hand on your hip to lean out your arms and physique.

5. Know your angles and face shape: You want to highlight your best facial features so avoid direct frontal lighting, have light coming from the side to a 45 degree angle. If you have rounder features, be sure to place your face at 45 degrees to the camera to show some jaw line - avoid shots that are straight into the camera.

6. For complicated skin, avoid extreme side light or angular light – make sure your light comes from the front. For example, if standing by a window turn to the window and have the photographer take the photo with the window light coming directly at you and to the back of the photographer.