5 Latin Acts You Should Listen to Now!

Ready to rock? Check out some new, exciting ear candy that will have you moving! Click though the eclectic sounds of Elastic Bond, Zechs Marquise, Monica Lionheart, Le Butcherettes and Monsieur Periné!

1. new music: elastic bond

“Pierdo el Control” by Elastic Bond

2. new music: Zechs Marquise

“Everlasting Beacon of Light” by Zechs Marquise

3. new music: Monica Lionheart

“Escape Strategy” by Monica Lionheart

4. new music: Le Butcherettes

“Henry Don’t Got Love” by Le Butcherettes

5. new music: Monsieur Periné

“Suin Romanticón” by Monsieur Periné