3 Latino Acts That Rocked Coachella 2013!

If you’ve ever been to a Tacvba show, then you know that the expressions of fandom are a key component of the overall experience. At Coachella, there were giant Mexican flags, ponchos, mariachi hats, colorful piñatas, and men in bright luchador masks.

Part of the magic is also lead singer Rubén Albarrán’s conversations with the crowd. “I’m gonna try to e-speak more Inglich,” he said in his endearing accent, mixing it up with Mexican slang and random salutations in other languages like Portuguese and Japanese. “Quiero que la pasen bien chingón, Coachella,” he said, mid-show. And that’s exactly what the crowd did.

The ever-fashionable band delivered old favorites like “Ingrata,” “Las Flores,” and “Chilanga Banda,” along with newer songs like “Olita de Altamar.” A moving moment came when, before “Déjate Caer,” Albarrán, his hands together as if in prayer, dedicated that cover of the Los Tres classic to “those who have already left us and are walking among the stars.” 

But perhaps the most memorable moment came before the last song, “Chica Banda,” when he said, “Let’s give each other a collective hug. Let’s forget about borders, they’re only there to divide us; they’re not real.”