10 Things We Learned From Prince Royce's Twitter

Do you follow your favorite celebs on Twitter? We definitely do! Besides all the behind-the-scenes pics and exclusive details on events and concerts, social media is a fantastic way to get to know your favorite Latino stars a little more intimately.

We browsed through Prince Royce's Twitter account, and were amazed by how down-to-earth, friendly, intelligent, humble, and romantico the heartthrob seemed. Check out the 10 things we learned: 

1. prince royce slide 01

He’s hopelessly romantic:

The “Darte Un Beso” singer posted this sweet and incredibly touching tweet last month, causing every girl on Twitter to simultaneously pass-out at their keyboards (me included). I’m sorry, Prince Royce, but I totally missed that text! Mind sending it again? I think I must have lost your number or something...

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He’s got friends in high places:

The Prince of Bachata constantly posts pictures with his Hollywood pals, like Wilmer Valderrama and Marc Anthony. Feel free to invite us next time!

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He’s a huge sports fan:

You may be surprised, but the soulful singer is also a diehard sports fan! When he’s not rooting for the Miami Heat, he’s congratulating U.S. Olympians or the New York Giants. We like sports, too. Just in case you ever need someone to watch a game with...

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He’s looking for love:

When the “Incondicional” singer posted this tweet on Valentine’s Day, our hearts literally skipped a beat. Yes, Prince Royce, the answer is yes.

5. prince royce slide 05

He’s politically active:

The Dominicano spoke out during the 2012 Presidential Elections, encouraging his fans and followers to get out and vote! Great advice!

6. prince royce slide 06

He has a signature look:

We think the bachata singer could probably wear... well, nada...and still look fantastic. Turns out, he has a signature and classic look -- his favorite hat!

7. prince royce slide 07

He’s just a normal guy:

In his downtime, Prince Royce can be found behaving like most 24-year-old guys: playing video games!

8. prince royce slide 08

He loves his mamá:

Sorry, girls, but it seems Prince Royce already has a lady in his life: his mom! He regularly sends her sweet shout-outs. Adorable!

9. prince royce slide 09

He hates the beach:

We hate to break it to you, but if you’ve been harboring any fantasies about moonlit walks on the beach with Prince Royce, (or is that just us?) you may need to reconsider. After filming his music video for “Darte Un Beso” on a beautiful, tropical beach, the singer admitted he actually hates it!

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Most importantly, he loves all the beautiful ladies of the world:

Yes, that means you!