10 Most Angsty Songs By Bruno Mars

It's Bruno Mars 28th birthday...and we're celebrating by jammin' out to his best songs all day long! As much as we love his upbeat hits (we cannot stop listening to "Treasure"), sometimes, we just want to take it slow and enjoy some of his sadder tunes. Take it easy, and listen to his 10 best angsty songs: 

1. Bruno -- Talking To The Moon

"Talking To The Moon" 

Brokenhearted? Bruno is the king of lost love: "At night when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself talking to the moon. Trying to get to you."

2. Bruno -- Never Say You Can't

"Never Say You Can't"

Not all of Bruno's sad songs talk about love and heartache. One of his best ballads "Never Say You Can't" discusses his powerful and moving relationship with his grandfather. Grab a tissue before you listen: 

3. Bruno -- When I Was Your Man

"When I Was Your Man"

There is no better way to express your regrets over a lost relationship than with the simple but profound lyric: "I should've brought you flowers." 

4. Bruno -- Liquor Store Blues

"Liquor Store Blues"

Bruno wasn't always a famous heartthrob. Just like the rest of us, he worked terrible jobs and tried to achieve his dream. This song is sad, angsty, and completely relatable: "Lotto tickets and cheap beer. That's why you can catch me here. Tryna scratch my way to the top."

5. Bruno -- It Will Rain

"It Will Rain"

Bruno somehow even managed to write a sad song about an amazing relationship. We can't help but swoon when he tells his love "There will be no sunlight if I lose you, baby."

6. Bruno -- Grenade


Bruno sings his heart out to his lady-love...he even offers to jump in front of a freakin' train for her! And she won't even do the same. We think that's enough of an excuse for a sad song: 

7. Bruno -- Runaway


When Bruno asks you to fall in love with him again and runaway, there's only one answer: yes! 

8. Bruno -- Long Distance

"Long Distance"

Anyone who has ever missed someone they love can relate to this beautiful song: "Now the minutes feel like hours and the hours feel like days while I'm away."

9. Bruno -- Young Girls

"Young Girls" 

Could Bruno be regretting his party lifestyle? He sings about how he longs for a simple life, where boy meets girl and lives happily ever after: 

10. Bruno -- Lighters


Bruno overcame a lot of struggles to get where he is today...and this song perfectly describes the rough road to stardom.