10 Best 'Young Cardi' Memes Prove Everyone Needs a Little Cardi B

Photo via Twitter @FendiVersace

Cardi B is taking some much needed time to spend with Baby Bardi, so the internet has decided to create hilarious memes using "Young Cardi" photos as inspiration. Five-year-old Cardi, born Belcalis Almanzar, looks all kinds of sassy with her hand on her hip and a look of disdain on her face.

Little Cardi has some sass that will drag you back to your younger years and make you ROFL. If none of these happened to you, we bet they happened to someone you knew.

So while Momma Bardi and husband Offset are busy changing diapers and not sharing photos of Kulture Kiari Cephas, here are the funniest memes featuring Young Cardi.




1. History Slam

My momma said that not even the dead, like Christopher Columbus, are safe.

2. The Truth Hurts

My momma said Young Cardi never told a lie.

3. Sundays are For Church

My momma said the Lord is watching, you should've picked a different night.

4. Keep Laughing!

My momma said if it ain't hurt, she will hit you harder and let your friends watch!

5. Divorce Diaries

My momma said there's no quicker route to a beat down than this. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

6. No Food For You!

My momma told me to guess who isn't getting any pizza tonight.

7. No Scrubs

My momma said you are way too good for him anyways.

8. Message to Nicki Minaj

My momma said you're going to need un despojo after listening to Nicki Minaj cassettes. 

9. Sibling Love

My momma said I am your chaperone for the night and what she says goes.

10. Final Word

My momma said I am here to change the world, starting with you.